Carolyn Schofield Running for State Rep. Mike Tryon’s Seat

A press release from McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield:

Carolyn Schofield Announces Candidacy for State Representative

CRYSTAL LAKE….. McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield has announced she will run for the office of State Representative for Illinois’ 66th Legislative House District in the 2016 election.

Schofield, who has represented McHenry County’s 2nd County Board District since 2012, announced her candidacy Thursday evening at a gathering of friends and family at her Crystal Lake home.

Carolyn Schofield

Carolyn Schofield

“With the upcoming retirement of State Representative Mike Tryon, I feel the timing is right for me to take this next step in my public service life,” said Schofield.

“These are critical days for the State of Illinois, and we need lawmakers in Springfield who are willing to work with Governor Rauner and majority party Democrats to find consensus on issues that will address the state’s financial crisis, protect suburban taxpayers, improve the jobs climate, and root out the waste, fraud and abuse that has crippled Illinois.”

At the County Board level, Schofield currently serves as the Chair of the Planning & Development Committee and as the Vice Chair of the Natural & Environmental Resources Committee. She also serves on the Legislative Committee, is the Vice Chair of the County’s Stormwater Commission and is the county’s liaison to the McHenry County Conservation District.

She is the McHenry County representative to the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning and the Northwest Water Planning Alliance.

In addition to these roles, Schofield was recently chosen to lead the McHenry County Township Consolidation Task Force and the McHenry County Census Demographics Task Force, which is studying the county’s recent decreases in population.

“For the first time in our county’s history we are actually seeing people leave McHenry County for better opportunities elsewhere,” said Schofield.

“The task forces I am heading will focus on County efficiencies, collaboration efforts, and saving taxpayer dollars.”

Prior to being elected to the McHenry County Board in 2012, Schofield served on the Crystal Lake City Council from 2009-2012 and on the Crystal Lake Planning & Zoning Committee from 1999-2009.

She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in General Engineering with an Environmental Quality Specialization from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

“District 66 has always been represented in Springfield by a McHenry County legislator and I would like to ensure that we retain that seat,” Schofield said.

“I am very familiar with the issues facing McHenry County and have spent the last few months familiarizing myself with transportation and other issues that affect the residents of Northern Kane. I am confident that I could be a respected voice and advocate for the people of the 66th Legislative District in Springfield.”

Schofield resides in Crystal Lake with her husband Steve and their three children.

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Now thee are four candidates in the Republican Primary Election seeking to replace State Rep. Mike Tryon. They appear below in alphabetical order:

  • Paul Serwarka
  • Allen Skillikorn
  • Dan Wilbrandt

There is a Facebook page entitled, ” Carolyn Schofield for Illinois House District 66.”


Carolyn Schofield Running for State Rep. Mike Tryon’s Seat — 16 Comments

  1. The face of the status quo has a voice? .

    “A respected voice”??

    As much respect as she can get as she votes as she is told as usual…

    She did have half a sentence of truth when she said:

    “These are critical days for the State of Illinois, and we need lawmakers in Springfield who are willing to work with Governor Rauner – ”

    Then the real Carolyn Schofield stepped back in finishing her sentence with:

    ” – and majority party Democrats to find consensus on issues”.

    This is code for “I don’t have any real principles or thoughts of my own,

    But, what ever the “consensus” is, Count me in! – I just want to be here!”

  2. She will definitely be the Democrat’s “Republican.

    Madigan’s people will surely be contributing to her campaign and keeping her coffer full.

  3. I love all the negative comments that clearly come from the same person with multiple IDs.

    There are only a few comments on this blog, all negative and all a minute or two apart.

    Wow, I guess someone is a little worried about losing to this woman….

  4. She hasn’t done or said a thing as a county board member that is compelling.

    She stands for nothing.

    White bread blah.

    Not a fighter for the taxpayer.

    She giggles with Michelle Aavang on the board and treats County Board meetings like they’re a much needed ‘girlls night out’.

    She defers to others on the board as she doesn’t have an original thought, belief or conviction.

    It’s ridiculous that someone put THIS thought in her head.

    Save your money, Honey.

    You’re not going to convince anyone you’ll do anything for this state.

    Your record on the County Board proves that.

  5. Carolyn will make an excellent State Representative.

    She is time tested and issue approved.

    She represents all of us with class, respect, and dignity on the McHenry County Board.

    She is honorable and stands with respected elected officials like Mike Tryon and Pam Althoff.

    We need more people like this in our Republican Party.

  6. LOL GOP Leader?

    Uhh if you haven’t noticed Mike Tryon and Pam Althoff are not exactly highly respected elected officials.

    Schofield will definitely stand with them tho, and stand with the Democrats.

    She tabled Rauners agenda.

    Time tested indeed.


  7. Landon, so who would you lean towards in this race in April?

    Based on the bios of the 4 running it appears Schofield is the only one remotely qualified.

    I would love to hear your criteria because it appears your comments are more personal than fact based.

    I have read all the bios and the 3 men offer nothing.

    Am I missing something or is this personal as you make it sound ?

  8. Dan dont try to reason with the commenters on this blog they are just haters and really dont speak for all the people who vote.

    The comments are always negative and really have no substance or explaination for the comments.

  9. I typically find in politics that when someone says negative things about one candidate, it’s because they can’t find positive things to say about their candidate.

    These people offer no value on message boards, but it is their right to say what ever they want.

    They are usually the minority in their opinion anyways.

  10. Dan (Carolyn) What exactly are you suggesting Carolyn (you) has to offer?

    Not slinging mud here, but other than her(your) quite atrocious voting record on the county board and CL Council, what in her(your) BIO suggests she(you) has the make-up of a remotely effective legislator?

    Does she(you) have any “real life experience”?

    She(you) definitely has proven her ability to join a consensus.

    She can “go along to get along” with the best of them!

    That, more than anything, exemplifies why we MUST elect ANYONE other than Carolyn Schofield!

  11. There are many of us who will work against her.

    Over the years she has treated her constituents poorly.

    I expect the old establishment to get behind her.

    Probably the Senator in the district Karen McConnaughay too.

    This is going to get bloody.

    No more fake Republicans please.

  12. What is a real Rep?

    Joe Walsh?

    Tea Party that worry more about religion and social issues than fiscal responsibility?

    Once elected are there any politicians that don’t raise our taxes or borrow to buy our votes?

  13. Carolyn might make an excellent state rep, if you want more of the same.

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