Message of the Day – A Sign

In Cave City, Kentucky, near Mammouth Cave, is a knife store which my son loves.

The following sign is right next to the front door:

"Stop Repeat Offenders!  Don't Re-Elect Them," this sign in Kentucky says.

“Stop Repeat Offenders! Don’t Re-Elect Them,” this sign in Kentucky says.

Term limits that take individual voter effort.


Message of the Day – A Sign — 6 Comments

  1. Absolutely love this sign.

    It should be stamped on every hand that intends to vote – especially in Illinois and DC

  2. Actually the real problem is government employees, protected by Civil Service, union contracts, and tenure laws.

    We can fire any politician in any election, but the real evil is the career government loafers and the harm they do.

  3. Too many repeat offenders have been re-elected because they hand out goodies to people who do vote at the expense of people who don’t vote.

  4. If they don’t vote, they deserve to get shafted.

    There are more net taxpayers than tax consumers in this country.

    Actually the real tragedy is the government borrowing for current expenses which will have to be paid by our children and grandchildren.

  5. That is so true for all politicians.

    More so for the lowlifes, madigan, cullerton.

    Possibly the only politician in Illinois who thinks about the taxpayers is Jack Franks Other than him ILLINOIS LAND OF CORRUPTION.

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