Prim Rolls Out Volunteer Program

One of the promises that Sheriff Bill Prim made during his run for office was the creation of a volunteer corps.

This press release tells of how he intends to implement it:

McHenry County Sheriff’s Office rolls out new Volunteer Program

On June 11, 2015, the first four members of the McHenry County community joined the Sheriff’s Office and began their training to serve as volunteers with the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office.

Bill Prim spoke to his supporters in Lawrence.

Bill Prim spoke to his supporters in Lawrence about the planned volunteer program.

This core group of individuals is made up of graduates of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Police Academy and underwent a rigorous screening process before beginning their training.

All come from all different backgrounds within the McHenry County community, providing a great representation of the communities which the Sheriff’s Office serves.

The Volunteer Services Unit of the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office is designed to create a partnership with members of the McHenry County community, improving transparency within the Sheriff’s Office while simultaneously supplementing the office’s community policing services.

In a time when government is asked to do more with less, the volunteer program provides a cost-effective and inventive way to supplement programs already in place, while permitting the development of new programs to better serve the McHenry County community.

Following the completion of an approximately 40-hour training curriculum, volunteers will be working alongside members of the Sheriff’s Office in its daily operations.

Volunteers will assist sworn and non-sworn members of the Office in various functions, including special event support, traffic control, community relations and crime prevention.

Additionally, volunteers will serve as ambassadors to their communities, providing a forum for discussion and representation.

Volunteers will have continuing education, ensuring they have up-to-date training and information in performing their duties.

McHenry County Sheriff Volunteers are non-sworn, unpaid members who do not have enforcement powers, and supplement the department’s resources already in place. Volunteers do not supplant Sheriff’s Deputies or civilian personnel.

The program is partly-funded utilizing proceeds seized from criminal enterprises, costing McHenry County only a nominal amount.

Volunteers will be graduating from the basic training program on Tuesday July 7, 2015.

To learn more about the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Volunteer program, please contact Volunteer Coordinator/ Community Projects Manager Hank Prim at or at 815-334-2064.

Interested in volunteering?

Take the first step by registering for the McHenry County Sheriff’s Office Citizen Police Academy, to take place this fall. Please visit our website,, for additional Citizen Police Academy information.


Prim Rolls Out Volunteer Program — 13 Comments

  1. If there is no reduction in regular staff, how is it saving any $$$$$$?

  2. Because you don’t have to pay someone overtime for traffic control or special events , Nob

  3. If you’ve been at any events you know they are just extra bodies, and it even says the regular employees will be there also, ie OT.

    Training and support is taking $$$$ away from the regular employees also, when that doesn’t happen and staff can be reduced, the program will be worth bragging about.

    More political grandstanding is all I see, show me something real.

  4. No Duncan, but I’m not a cheerleader for the new guy either like some are here.

    It says above it costs us to support the program, when there is no cost to us then that is something to be happy about.

    Like so many initiatives done by our elected, they sound good, but in reality they cost us more than if they had never started.

    BOcare comes to mind right away.

    Almost always when gov touches something costs go up, not down.

    Sorry, time has shown me not to trust any politician, esp new people who seem to be quickly absorbed into the SYSTEM!

    So he got rid of Andy, fine, but hired 3 to do the same J O B?

    Was there a savings in that move, please attach the source for that so I can eat crow.

  5. When Prim keeps his part of the budget flat or even some how reduces it, I’ll try putting on the little skirt and wave the poms, till them give us all a break on the back patting nonsense.

    Cheerleaders from both sides of the isle got the Fed debt to 18T, go rah go.

  6. When will you be presenting any crow for me to eat?

    Pull your little skirt down your partisan is showing.

  7. Crow in this case is proving me wrong which you have not.


    Kiss Kiss!

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