How To Tell If Your Comment is Over the Line

Former Republican State Rep. candidate against Jack Franks Steve Reick has written about a recent Illinois Supreme Court decision on when a commenter’s identity may be obtained. The cleverly named blog “Illinoyances” can be found here.

The article, entitled,

IL Supreme Court Compels Disclosure of Internet Troll’s Identity

says the Court found three factors required for secrecy:

  • the statement must have a precise and readily understood meaning;
  • the statement must be verifiable; and
  • the statement’s literary or social context signals must have factual content.


How To Tell If Your Comment is Over the Line — 4 Comments

  1. This will still not help local wanna be thugs silence their political detractors.

    We still labor under legal precedent and that annoying piece of fluff called The Constitution of the United States.

    I know the Constitution is a thorn in the side of mini dictators all over our fine nation but I’ll still put my trust in its content.

    Ultimately we will either uphold the Founding Father’s intent and design or ignore it to our own destruction.

    We are not a nation of homogeneous backgrounds, looks or religions.

    We are a nation bound by an idea.

    Simple in its concept and more than just a little difficult in its protection and execution.

    This idea is all human beings have a foundational inalienable desire for and right to freedom.

    These freedoms are the antithesis of the type of dictatorial impulses we see at the local, state and federal level of government today.

    The gay movement wants to silence everyone who doesn’t want to constantly listen to their dehumanizing message we are all only defined by the type of sex we desire.

    The pro death movement wants to silence everyone who believes a culture of death may be the antithesis of a healthy society.

    The cult of personality followers want to silence everyone who has the audacity to state any person in public office(especially in Illinois) should be scrutinized very closely for professional acumen as well as personal ethic.

    Twas ever thus.

    Our Founding Fathers, however, had the good sense to put these mini dictators in the stocks and mock them for their idiocy.

    Those we couldn’t catch to put in the stocks moved into the very cold northern country and we kept the Tories there for a couple centuries.

    We have a crisis brewing in America today.

    It is indicated by this idiotic idea the Illinois Supreme Court has ultimate authority over anything.

    The homogeneity of The Idea is splintering at a high rate of speed due to a concerted attack by those who loathe freedom.

    Interestingly the backlash has been so large those who have orchestrated the attacks are actually afraid.

    The People still rule if they have the courage.

    A precious few do.

    A massive majority do not.

    Twelve have provably made a difference to billions.

    This decision doesn’t matter at all.

    Tell the truth, attack the measurable and do so in the absence of the fear which daily grips the average person walking the street and no one may abridge your right to speak.


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