Message of the Day – Overtime

On July 4th this Commonwealth Edison crew was working on poles next to the Fifth Third Bank on Route 14 in Crystal Lake.

A Com Ed crew was working in Crystal Lake on Saturday, July 4th.

A Com Ed crew was working in Crystal Lake on Saturday, July 4th.


Message of the Day – Overtime — 3 Comments

  1. I agree instead of cutting pay for people they should not work overtime and companies should hire and train more people so more people can be lifted up, but too many people have two or three jobs and don’t want to give up an(partly because companies don’t pay fair wages for some jobs) and I also think more errors and psychological stress occurs when too much overtime is worked like by police officers.

    We also must bring back manufacturing jobs to America for security purposes.

    When we outsource jobs we also give out secure info into countries that don’t follow the rules of the US. Adam Smith wrote a country that doesn’t make things cannot succeed.

    We have outsourced jobs and we mostly have service jobs which leads to more income inequality.

    Bring back our jobs.

  2. So karma, you’re not happy with Bill Clinton signing NAFTA are ya?

  3. My guess is BO’s TPP will not make you happy either if passed as leaked.

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