Woodstock Turf Meeting 7 PM Wed.

The District 200 School Board will vote Wednesday night on whether to go with artificial turf for the football field at Woodstock High School.

The meeting will be held at Clay Professional Development Center (Clay Elementary School for those with long memories).

The address is 112 Grove Street.

Clay Academy is the location of the meeting.

Clay Academy is the location of the meeting.

People will be given three minutes to speak.

Then there will be

“Consideration of Bids for the Woodstock High School Larry Dale Field Multi-Surface


Woodstock Turf Meeting 7 PM Wed. — 6 Comments

  1. Would somebody be there to record and report how many members of the Janitors and Maintenance Union and their families show up and speak to protect their overpaid, over-benefited government jobs?

    We can be sure that the anti-fluoride lady will be there.

  2. This construction has been bid, this vote is to award the contract.

    If you’re against it, be there in droves.

  3. The board voted to reject all bids.

    I believe this was because the language in request for bids had omitted union-required language.

    We will need to keep vigilant watch for future school board meeting agendas, this issue will surely be reintroduced.

  4. When the new language is released can you compare the new language to this language.

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