Jack Franks Dances to Puppet Master Madigan’s Tune

A glum minion.

A glum minion.

House Speaker Mike Madigan got the 71 votes he needed to pass a “veto-proof” one-month budget bill Thursday afternoon.

I put “veto-proof” in quote marks.

71 votes are enough to override a promised veto by Governor Bruce Rauner.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

But, Rauner must veto the bill before the number 71 really means anything.

The State Constitution gives the Governor 60 days to decide whether to sign or veto a bill.

Once the bill is vetoed, Madigan has to get all his minions on the House floor once the vetoed bill is returned to the Illinois General Assembly.

State Rep. Jack Franks voted in lockstep with House Speaker Mike Madigan on the one-month budget bill, Senate Bill 2040.

State Rep. Jack Franks voted in lockstep with House Speaker Mike Madigan on the one-month budget bill, Senate Bill 2040.

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

There is no reason for Rauner to veto the bill immediately.

In the meantime, the 71st vote–that of State Rep. Jack Franks–will have to withstand any pressure, if any, that

  • Rauner
  • local Republicans and
  • the mainstream media decides to exert
Not this sign, because it disappeared with the Route 14 widening project.

This sign disappeared with the Route 14 widening project.

He will continue to sweat.

In the meantime, potential Republican Party opponents can salivate in the hope that Rauner will decide to target Franks for defeat in the 2016 election.

And, maybe, Steve Reick, the man who ran against Franks last year will trot out the signs equating Jack Franks to his ultimate boss Mike Madigan.

The one with movable type has been destroyed as part of the Route 14 widening project.

The yard signs, however, may still be in Reick’s garage.

A yard sign from Steve Reick's campaign linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan.

A yard sign from Steve Reick’s campaign linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan.

= = = = =
If you want one of the yard signs, shoot me an email at calskinner2@gmail.com.


Jack Franks Dances to Puppet Master Madigan’s Tune — 14 Comments

  1. In Roman times a “minion” was what any politician of good standing would keep in his stable.

    This man would do literally anything to please his master.

    One day cuddling up to the master and the next playing the role of spurned lover to a known political rival to cozy up and destroy the rival.

    Franks is Madigan’s minion in this sense.

    There is nothing Franks won’t do to please his master.

    Madigan isn’t cruel and so he allows his little minion certain victories for which Bernie and baby boy must pay.

    Jack isn’t alone in Madigan’s stable and Jack isn’t even the most debased of Madigan’s political slaves.

    Why did Frehrichs get the nod for Treasurer rather than Jackie boy?

    Millions in funneled donations moved through every imaginable national and state democratic shill was something Jack just wasn’t capable of matching.

    He’s a capable operative in a conservative county.

    At least he’s a predictable local pol.

    He can be beat.

    Any minion can because they are a mere shade of their master.

    If Madigan’s attention gets split too many directions and a well funded humble candidate is found Jack will be retired to merely being another useless attorney.

  2. So well written Priest…

    Such an awesome analogy…

    Further, so right you are in saying, Jack is just another “MADIGAN POLITICAL SLAVE”

    Next time, he approaches Rauner, Brucey needs to tell Ol Jack to take a hike!

  3. Senate Bill 2040 (SB 2040) in the 99th General Assembly.

    The Senate passed the Bill on July 1st.
    Pamela Althoff voted Present.
    Dan Duffy voted NV which means he did not vote but was present.
    Karen McConnaughay voted NV which means she did not vote but was present.

    But they’ll have to concur with House Amendment No. 1 that on July 9th was passed by the House?

    House of Representative votes.
    Steven Andersson voted No.
    Jack Franks voted Yes.
    David McSweeney voted No.
    Michael Tryon voted No.
    Barbara Wheeler voted Present.

    They should and could have figured out a way to pay state workers in full as they work out the budget, no reason to lock them out of a paycheck, especially since they’ll get retro pay after it’s resolved; they payed state workers in full as they worked out the 2007 & 2009 budgets.

  4. There’s a longer game afoot here and Franks, as minion, is less the cause than the product.

    Madigan is who we should be watching.

    Franks is a lagging indicator.

    Madigan/Cullerton are the heads of the serpent.

  5. Jack, it’s time to show the people that you’re more than just ‘Mr. Likable professional politician’ who does his job in many ways but isn’t willing to do what’s right for the people of IL. if it means NOT voting in line with Madigan.

    Just once, I’d like to see you not being a subserviant suck-up to Madigan.

    What would happen?

    As for the Republicans who voted ‘Present’ or ‘No Vote’, you’re more of a disappointment than Jack Franks (D).

    We expected the Republicans to work with Rauner and be part of the solution, not the problem.

    So we have Dems, and Dems light.

    Why you didn’t stand up for our Republican Gov. is very interesting. (When I can’t find anything nice to say, I just label it as very interesting.)

    Thank you Andersson and McSweeney.

    David McSweeney is never disappoints!

  6. If Jack Franks decides to run for McHenry County Board Chairman and the only competition is Joe (Oakwood Hills) Gottelmoller, Jack will win.

    When it comes to politics, Joe is an amateur compared to Jack.

  7. I understand what you all are saying and I agree with most of you…. but, how does any of this spell “Defeat” for Franks?

    Franks does well here at home, but for some reason, I doesn’t seem to be able to do much on a larger platform.

    Can anybody explain this very odd phenom?

  8. The people won’t forget.

    If Franks runs for re-election, this issue will be discussed through social media over and over again.

    Franks, damaged his career by cowering to Madigan’s demands. Apparently, he has forgotten that he is there to serve the people not Madigan and company.

    The community voted in Bill Prim and many thought it couldn’t be done.

    Social media is a political game changer.

    Jack, is all show when he works in McHenry County.

    He’s a real charmer; I have spoken to him.

    However, his true motives come to light when making critical decisions like casting votes that represent the voices of the people.

    Rauner, has an agenda to clean up Illinois and Madigan’s minions better get it together.

    It’s time to clean up the HOUSE and the people can do just that, throughout the power of the next vote!

  9. “Priest,” I agree with most of what you have stated with the single exception that Representative Franks can be beat.

    Given the current atmosphere such as our local news rag not willing to give any future opponent of Franks a fair shake.

    If Jacks opponent comes in with One Million dollars, then Jack Franks hits back with five million, “PLUS,” the sweet heart section plus endorsements via prime reading space in the “News Rag.”

    Mr./ Mrs. Priest, you have a very valid point to which I had brought up in my comment on this blog just a few days ago.

    It is obvious that State Representative Jack Franks does suck up to Madigan, we see it over and over again.

    “WHY” is it that other than being victorious here at home, is Franks a failure in other realms of public service to our state.

    He is seemingly never given any appointed positions of higher power by Madigan?

    He can purchase his seat here at home, but on a big level park, Jack is left behind in the back seat while the other boys and girls lock him in the hot car and run out to play.

    I read all these comment on Cal’s blog when time allows me to it and not one person, including myself, has been able to figure out what it is that keeps Rep. Jack Franks on life supports down in Springfield?

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