Jack Franks Is Sweating

Jack Franks actually had to run for office for the first time in three elections this past year.

Jack Franks running for office at a McHenry Parade.

Today, State Rep. Jack Franks is probably sweating more than he was when this photo was taken at the beginning of a McHenry Fiesta Days Parade in 2010.

Then he was challenged by McHenry Grade School and Library Board member John O’Neill.

(O’Neill lost, but carried some precincts in Spring Grove, which were taken out of the new legislative district Franks crafted for 2012.)

Today, Franks is faced with a different kind of challenge.

House Speaker Mike Madigan is calling in the chips to pass a one-month budget and he needs Jack Franks’ vote to reach the “magic” number of 71.

You see, to muster a veto-proof majority, Madigan needs the votes of all Democrats.

No problem, you might think.

After all Franks has voted for Madigan for House Speaker every time he had the chance since he took office in 1999.

But, wait, remember the campaign theme of 2014 Franks’ opponent Steve Reick.

Reick played “Pin the Madigan on Jack Franks.”

Linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan was a major theme in Steve Reick's 2014 campaign.

Linking Jack Franks to Mike Madigan was a major theme in Steve Reick’s 2014 campaign.

And he did a pretty good job of it, bringing Franks winning margin under 60% for the first time since Dr. Tom Salvi almost beat him in 2000.

What’s the problem for Franks?

Actually, it’s a potential problem.

And a serious one.

Reick sign + Ranks-Madigan no sign

Here’s another Jack Franks-Mike Madigan sign from Steve Reick’s campaign.

Governor Bruce Rauner has said that he is going to plunk $1 million into twenty state rep. races in an attempt to unseat Democrats.

Franks began sucking up to Rauner even before last fall’s election.

If Franks votes for a budget that Rauner doesn’t want, he may alienate Rauner enough for Rauner to figure out that with a well-financed campaign, Franks could be defeated.

Having said that, the more important vote to Rauner will come if there is ever an attempt to override his announced veto of any one-month budget bill.

Rauner can delay the agony for a long time.

A Governor can delay acting on a bill for sixty days.

Meanwhile Jack Franks will continue acting as if he will have a Republican opponent.

He’ll continue his retail campaigning, for example,

  • marching in the Harvard and Wonder Lake Parades
  • giving away ice cream as he did in Woodstock on July 1st
  • knocking on doors in Wonder Lake

That’s not the way a candidate secure in his or her district spends the summer.

And, if Jack Franks decides to please Rauner and alienate Madigan in today’s budget vote or an override vote, every time Madigan drives up to Lake Geneva through Jack Franks’ district, the disloyal Democrat will be on Mike Madigan’s mind.


Jack Franks Is Sweating — 9 Comments

  1. Hey Jack, wheres your pail?

    Ol Jack may just find himself engaging in the new ethical form of Let’s Make a Deal.

    As long as Jill leaves Jack alone, he won’t trip on his own shoe laces and go tumbling down that hill.

    Gosh Jack, wouldn’t want to be ya!.

  2. Let’s see, will there be some dissension amongst the ranks?

    Jack, are you for the people, or against the people?

    Will this be a new beginning for your political career Jack, or the end of it?

    You decide Jack.

  3. Good post.

    Hopefully it will stir up some conservatives who still support Jack.

  4. Jack is playing both sides of the isle for political gain in appears.

    A very politically dangerous position.

    He seems to be more active in local politics than he is with getting our state fiscally viable.


  5. Rauner would be better off spending $2 million in a swing district rather than $1 million in a swing District and $1 million against a well funded, incumbent Democrat in Franks.

    If Franks is sweating, it’s from the weather.

  6. “WOW on” I agree with you.

    Jack Franks CANNOT be beat in McHenry County and here is why.

    1) Franks votes pretty much along the lines of what his constituents want. Case in point…. When I starting looking into Jack Franks campaign contributions and I mean really looking, I found he is deeply tied to the Casino industry out of Vegas. YET, when it came time to vote for video gaming machine placement in McHenry County, Mr. Franks voted “NO!” Had to be a hard thing to do seeing as the gaming industry is a major supporter of Mr. Franks. I give him credit for that.

    2) If Gov. Rauner is doling out One Million Dollars to a candidate who will step up and run against Jack Franks, Herbert Franks, Jacks father, will just write his son a check for five million dollars. Rauner million dollar check is now reduced to pennies.

    3) Many ‘declared’ Republicans in the county are not really Republicans. Sorry but it’s a fact.

    4) McHenry County has NO real newspaper. I mean an investigative newspaper who will come out with the facts. Especially when issues raised negatively go against a ‘regime’ candidate, which Jack Franks happens to be.

    So, you have Franks basically voting the way his constituents want him to.

    You have Jack Franks with a bottomless pit for a campaign check book, many county Republicans aren’t hard core Republicans, and finally, McHenry County has no REAL newspaper who will objectively report on ANYTHING, at ANYTIME, on ANY SUBJECT!

    What does this all spell for a candidate who is considering a run at Jack Franks…..?? DEFEAT!

    PS. And those who truly believe pro-life means a darn thing in a campaign?

    It does not!

    Women today for the most part are “Pro-Choice.”

    So that dog won’t hunt!

    Social issues are dead issues….candidates better be able to talk about HOW THEY WILL fix this mess we find our nation in today.

  7. “WOW On” The enjoyment I get out of posting here on Cal’s blog, is that I post under my real name so folks have the opportunity to know who they are speaking (writing, debating) with.

    It is a courtesy I believe we should allow each other.

    We all might not agree on what we say here, but I’m willing to bet many of us would enjoy each other’s company over a beer. ( Oh my, did I just say that…. didn’t Obama do exactly that?)

    Have a great weekend!!

    I’m getting another new Harley tomorrow!

    Any other bikers out there up for a trip to Ontario, Canada via motorcycle in about two weeks?

    If so, please get a hold of me at ranoff2mexico@aol.com

    Fishing is on the agenda!

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