Message of the Day – Reflectors

One wet night after the improvements were finished on Rakow Road where it intersects with McHenry Avenue, I noticed that there were no reflectors between lanes to help guide motorists.

I still wonder why this safety feature was not included in the original design.

Lane reflectors on Bull Valley Road at the intersection of Ridge Road.

Lane reflectors on Bull Valley Road at the intersection of Ridge Road.

Driving up to Wonder Lake the back way, that observation came back to me when I saw such reflectors on Bull Valley Road where it intersects Ridge Road.

When I was State Rep., I discovered that the Federal formula for highway money has much more than enough funds for safety measures.

Perhaps someone on the McHenry County Board will ask whether such reflectors can be installed where Randall Road meets Rakow Road.

And, perhaps, the Highway Department folks in charge of the improvements at Algonquin and Randall Roads will not include these safety devices in its design.



Message of the Day – Reflectors — 3 Comments

  1. Another Jeff Young / Joe Korpalski / Wally Dittrich micro-surfacing type of experiment?

    After wasting taxpayer dollars on micro-surfacing, some roads had to be repaved AGAIN to make them suitable for everyday traffic.

  2. Reflectors are only added as a safety feature for unlit roads.

    Rakow Road has lighting, and therefore reflectors offer no added safety benefit.

  3. Perhaps with all the additional lighting the reflectors were not really needed as they work best in low or no lighted areas.

    IMO the lighting could of been cut in half when not near an intersection.

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