MO Moves Against Predatory Tickets

This 20010 Chicago Tribune front page article featuring Bull Valley's reputation for issuing traffic tickets to raise revenue.

This 2010 Chicago Tribune front page article featured Bull Valley’s reputation for issuing traffic tickets to raise revenue.

Coming out of the examination of the Ferguson shooting is legislation “limiting the ability of cities to profit from traffic tickets and municipal court fees,” according to a very short article in the Chicago Tribune on Friday.

Two years ago McHenry County Blog published McHenry County court fees on a typical ticket.

Odds are good that they are higher now.

There seems to be no significant legislative effort to follow Missouri’s example to prevent this method of financing municipal government.


MO Moves Against Predatory Tickets — 3 Comments

  1. That’s too bad.

    The administrative tow fees that just about every municipality in McHenry County abuse are ripe for being outlawed.

    Charging $500 to call a tow truck for towable offenses is sickening.

    Predatory policing

  2. The municipal Towing Administration Impound Fee does not include the cost of the actual tow, impound fees to store and release the vehicle, court fees, and any lawyer fees the offender incurs resolving the matter.

    The municipal Towing Administration Impound Fees result from offenses such as DUI, driving with a suspended license, and driving with a revoked license which result in a tow.

    The Northwest Herald has had a few articles about the subject in the past, but the practice occurs statewide.

    The related Public Acts passed by the Illinois General Assembly are 97-109, 97-1150, 98-518, 98-734, & 98-756.

    The related section of the Illinois Compiled Statute (ILCS) is 625 ILCS 5/11-208.7.

  3. Cal, Hold Your Horses! – Your Segway of using the tragedies in Ferguson and to single out Bull Valley as some kind of police enforcement bully is not only unfair but also somewhat offensive.

    There is a profound difference between the traffic enforcement in Bull Valley and the systemic social ills in Ferguson, Missouri.

    Bull Valley, located between Woodstock, McHenry and Crystal Lake is often used as a shortcut between these cities as well as by Bull Valley residents.

    In among any and all of these drivers, particularly during weekends and nights, are inebriated drivers that should not been out on the roads.

    I am perplexed to hear you defending these drivers as according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, alcohol-impaired drivers accounted for one third of all fatal crashes. Speed is often contributing factor in crashes and spin-outs and also the death of wildlife who cross our roads.

    I find the attack on the Bull Valley police department very inappropriate and have great difficulty understanding this berating of enforcement of established traffic laws.

    If one disagrees with these laws there is a legislative process to follow.

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