$2.7 Million for New Courthouse Roof

McHenry County Courthouse

McHenry County Courthouse

The main building in the McHenry County governmental complex isn’t called the Courthouse anymore, but that’s what  most people refer to it.

The roof is is sad shape, so the County Finance Committee is considering a resolution next Tuesday to replace it.

The cost is estimated to be $2,637,591.

Here’s a summary of the project:

In accordance with the bid specifications and documents prepared by WOLD Architects and Engineers, McHenry County issued Bid #15-54 to fifteen prospective bidders for the Government Center Roof Replacement Project.

The bid opening occurred on July 9 with six bidders responding.

After careful review, R. Commercial Roofing Solutions LLC  of Schaumburg, Illinois has been determined to be the lowest responsible bidder with a fixed bid of $2,070,550 with additional unit costs of $4.60 per square foot for lightweight concrete removal and $9.00 per square foot for painting the existing metal deck.  Unit prices are for potential additional work in relatively limited areas of the building.

This approach in bidding is used when the scope of work necessary (quality) is known but not the extent (quantity).  If this work was included in the base bid, perspective bidders would have assumed the worst case scenario and would likely inflate their bid amount.

This would make it difficult to recover the full value as a deduct change order if better conditions are uncovered.


$2.7 Million for New Courthouse Roof — 5 Comments

  1. Looks like more tickets with outrageous fines and court costs will have to be issued by the various “Revenue Enhancement Agencies” to cover the 2.7m cost.

    Do yourself a favor and leave Hellinois when and if you can.

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