Appointments for Valley Hi & Housing Authority

Here are the appointments to Valley Hi and the Public Health Board being recommended for approval at Tuesday’s meeting:

Valley Hi

Valley Hi

For the Valley Hi Operating Board:

  • James P. Kennedy
  • Lynn M. Ryan
  • Ingrid A. Dreimann

Kennedy is a former Democratic Party County Board member who currently serves on the Operating Board.

Dreimann works for Nielsen in Schaumburg as Senior Vice President of Client Transactions

All Valley Hi terms will expire June 30, 2017. Previously, she was the firm’s Chief Legal Counsel for North America. She lives in Crystal Lake.

Drierman wrote on her application,

I believe that the role of the Board is to provide governance and direction to the management of the Valley Hi Nursing Home, to enable it to operate efficiently and at its greatest capacity.

References supplied were

  • Lori Keller
  • Nicole Collingbourne
  • Lalitha Gosparov

The amount of money the Operating Board was sitting on over $39 million at the beginning of May.

Thomas A. Vaclavek is being recommended for appointment to the McHenry County Housing Authority for a term ending June 30, 2020.

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