Lakewood Planning to Provide SSA Petition

Lakewood Village Hall

Lakewood Village Hall

The Village of Lakewood is not required to provide opponents of the Special Service Area a petition on which they would have to obtain signatures of

  1. 51% of the registered voters AND
  2. 51% of the property owners.

But having spent money from the expiring SSA to bring a new, smaller SSA into bring, Village Administrator Catherine Peterson has emailed me that it will make such a petition available.

That is in the tradition (required by state law) of local governmental bodies’ supplying petitions to those who propose tax hikes subject to a backdoor referendum.

That will diminish any legal expenses if opponents decide to seek the necessary signatures to kill the proposal.


Lakewood Planning to Provide SSA Petition — 3 Comments

  1. Does anyone have any info or can confirm the rumor that there are plans to turn the Lakewood police departments, prime spot on the lake, into a marina/restraint?

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