Wheeler Decries Military No Guns Policy

A press release from State Rep. Barb Wheeler:

Wheeler Calls on Rauner to Protect Illinois’ Troops

The Tennessee recruiting center.

The Tennessee recruiting center.

CRYSTAL LAKE – State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) today is urging Governor Bruce Rauner to join in the executive actions taken by various other states’ governors to protect our National Guardsmen in Illinois’ military installations in the wake of the Thursday attack on a Recruitment Center and Navy Operational Support Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The Crystal Lake Army Recruiting Center near Jewel.

The Crystal Lake Army Recruiting Center near Jewel.

“In these days of global terrorism, the members of our armed forces deserve the utmost protection,” said Wheeler.

“By prohibiting the arming of our personnel in public facilities, we are making it nearly impossible for our service members to defend themselves”.

Gun Free signs on CL Recruiters' door

Signs on the Crystal Lake Army Recruiting Center door.

Governor Mary Fallin (R-Oklahoma) issued an executive order Friday authorizing the State’s Adjutant General to arm certain full-time military personnel on military installations throughout the state with weaponry deemed necessary to adequately provide for the safety of the facilities and their occupants.

The view from inside the Crystal Lake Army Recruiting Center.

The view from inside the Crystal Lake Army Recruiting Center.

Similarly, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-Louisiana) today proclaimed that Louisiana’s Adjutant General should identify and arm certain Guard personnel currently on state active duty as reasonably necessary to preserve the lives, property and security of themselves and other persons subject to threat of an attack.

Wheeler, Bary looking right talking calm“I commend Governor Fallin and Governor Jindal for their efforts to preserve the right of self-defense for their armed service members,” said Wheeler.

“I believe it is time for Illinois to follow in the footsteps of these States and take this step to further prioritize the safety of our service members. I strongly urge Governor Rauner to sign an executive order directing the Illinois Adjutant General to similarly allow these practices in the best interest of our armed service members”.


Wheeler Decries Military No Guns Policy — 27 Comments

  1. Since are troops are here to protect us, it would be if the governor or someone lets them have a sidearm for their oun protection while they are working.

    It would also be nice if the Crystal Lake police department had an officer stationed outside or inside while they are open.

  2. I am afraid of the shooter against the recruiters because in the NW Herald there was an article that he was an intern for the Tennessee Valley Authority at a power plant that controls southern states and was hired conditionally at an Ohio power plant until his background check came back not passed.

    Guns won’t protect us from that.

    They need more thorough background checks done before someone even walks into a facility

    Also why not hire people that have parents that were born in USA.

    Too many foreigners come here only to make money and “retire” back in their countries.

  3. Hey Wheeler.

    Why don’t you concentrate on the bankrupt State, pension mess and our skyrocketing taxes, instead of your endless politically correct, bandwagon jumping drivel?

    This is what you get when you elect, yet another school teacher.

    What a waste of legislative space.

  4. Hey John. “It also would be nice”, if you paid for it yourself!

  5. Wow, what a concept, let the good guys have weapons AND ammunition to protect themselves and everyone else.

    Oh, and, yes, let’s have profiling as needed.

    Oops – I guess I’m not a liberal who thinks it’s okay for innocent people to act as targets.

    And speaking of places like Nigeria, the Boko folks who kidnap, rape, and kill little girls are now using the girls and women as suicide bombers for their agenda (NWH article today), how many millions or billions of dollars are we, the US taxpayers, still sending to countries that hate us – and why are we so flipping stupid?

    Then, of course, there is our nearby gang war world of Chicago with its daily shootings and death tally.

    How many more people like our current leadership in DC will get elected before the voters get a clue?

    It starts at the local level and works its way up the food chain.

    Again, how can we be so flipping stupid?

    Aren’t we also helping the folks who made it possible for Mexico’s Chapo escape again.

    Yes, I’m (at best) frustrated watching Americans taking the fall for animals who have no interest in participating in human civilization.

    I also don’t understand those elected officials who think it’s okay to ruin our country even though their children will inherit whatever is left.

    There’s something really creepy about Dads and Moms who do this instead of making the country better.

  6. George H W Bush put the law banning military sites from having weapons and only specific trained police military could carry guns.

    Take it up with him or his son.

  7. I also agree that both republicans and democrats in Illinois are playing politics and could have solved this pension problem back in 2008 yet they prefer to let it ride and make it worse.

    Pam Althoff said after the presidential election of 2008 they would have a solution.

    Then after 2012 they would solve it.


    They are all failures as is our system.

  8. MP’s trained extra to carry a side arm should be used at every recruiting station as one of the recruiters.

    That short tour would give them a break from their normally stressful jobs.

    There is only so much we can do, we can’t stop the drive-bys, look at Chicago.

    Require bullet proof glass on the buildings maybe, but even that will not stop them if the enter without warning.

    We tend to over react right after a dealy like this, patience and think it out wouldn’t hurt.

  9. HEY NOB – you commented on the NWH.

    Regarding the case that was dropped because the deputies entered the home illegally.

    You said that if the NEW SHERIFF knew about it it was STRIKE ONE.

    Well, Mr. informed – look at the date.

    Who was sheriff when it happened ???


    Your guys were the problem.

    Get your head on straight!!

  10. It was CLINTON that disarmed our military bases.

    ALL recruiters are actually REAL military.

    Military are actually trained in weapons usage.

    Why would anyone suggest police or MPs are needed to protect military?

    What the Hell is wrong with you people!

    The PC correctness and total dumbing down of everyone has ruined this country.

    Let’s all stop with the emotional knee-jerk comments and start to do some real fact finding before we open our collective stupid mouths.

  11. JamesK, you miss quoted me, I said if Prim knew about the illegal search before it went to trial strike one.

    Trial just happened during Prim’s term, not the losers before him who probably knew about the illegal search, Maybe all three didn’t know the details of the search.

    If, you know that word correct?

    Are you a Prim Pommy by chance?

  12. JamesK, see the NWH story about Prim and SWAT?

    There I defended him against the lefties like Alan.

    No Pommy points for that?

  13. Got your finger to the wind?

    Zinke support has gotten a little embarrassing??

  14. Great for Barb Wheeler.

    This issue is really a no-brainer, but in Illinois the move needs a champion for it to gain momentum as Illinois is nuts.

    However, to achieve what some have suggested here, the CLPD would have to give up its incessant roadside “safety” checks.

    That total BS takes up the time of officers who would otherwise would actually be PROTECTING the citizens.

    Is the CLPD willing to do this?

    Sad to say, they may not.

    I think they like harassing their own.

  15. Andy hardly, I voted for the so called independent, you must of missed that from my comments on the NWH also.

  16. Some on here are becoming victims of the mind control exacerbated by the false flag attacks.

    This mind control in phase three is designed to create anxiety and the need for security.

    Don’t fall victim to this outright sham.

    They WANT you to start screaming for protection and sure as ____ there you go!

  17. Never voted for Andy.

    No I decided before the primary to vote for somebody other than a Rep or Debt Enlarging Maniac if on the ballot.

    Vote independent almost always now as both sides are to partisan for my taste.

    Partisan politics is killing this country.

    Ya Man!

  18. If you look at the sign on the door you’ll note it is a violation of US Code, not Executive Order.

    Ergo, while a president may have signed it into law, the Congress enacted it.


    Wake up, you are a state representative, sort of, kinda not a Congresscreep.

    You can’t do a thing but posture and wave “Look at me!” so why not sit down and work on the business of the state of Illinois.

    It’s in a very sad state, you may have noticed, and needs your attention.

    As for those Gun Free Zones…

    It escapes the attention of most of the idiots who argue for them, that most all of the mass shootings in the past decade have taken place where?

    Oh, yeah, in gun free zones: Malls, Schools, Post Office facilities.

    Could there be a correlation?

    Do you think all of them would have occurred if the offenders knew that some of their intended victims were armed?

  19. It actually makes sense if it were a federal issue.

    I’m not sure.

    I’m just wondering why 6 governors have signed orders to arm them.

    Are the comments on here wrong, are the governors too stupid to know what is federal and what is state, or is it some kind of message to DC?

    Could somebody clear this up please?

  20. States have rights. They have just gotten used to the follow the leader junk up until now. States are sovereign and need to step up and use their powers when the federal psychopaths overstep their reach.

  21. State’s have jurisdiction over their National Guard units.

    Federal troops are under Congressional jurisdiction.

    States are making the move to arm their National Guard units.

    Their recruiters are often in the same office as the federal branches.

    Arming National Guard effectively arms the office.

  22. If those six governors think they are going to dictate military policy other than, perhaps, their National Guard units, they too are just grandstanding fools.

    But then, grandstanding is what politicians do best, isn’t it?

    Only if they are National Guard personnel.

    Most, if not all, of the recruiters are career Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force enlisted.

    The state has absolutely no authority over them.

    As for the “disarming” of military personnel on base.

    This is somewhat interesting even if not totally on point.


  23. Oh, my goodness.

    Someone is STILL quoting Snopes as a source for actual facts.


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