Support for Wheeler Call to Arm National Guard Recruiters

A communication from Mickey Schuch, President of the McHenry Count Right to Carry Association:

With this most recent terror attack on our servicemen in Chattanooga, we are joining in support of our State Representative Barb Wheeler who has recently called on Governor Rauner to take immediate action to defend our National Guardsman.

Here is an excerpt from her release.

Wheeler, Bary looking right talking calm“In these days of global terrorism, the members of our armed forces deserve the utmost protection,” said Wheeler.

“By prohibiting the arming of our personnel in public facilities, we are making it nearly impossible for our service members to defend themselves”.
Read the whole release here

In my opinion it’s ludicrous that the very people who swear an oath to defend our citizens and our borders, even to their death, are not allowed the basic right to defend their own life while on duty.

Sadly we have yet another example of the complete fantasy of gun free zones.

Those that oppose our second amendment will point to gun crime statistics, but never admit to you or themselves that the instrument, i.e. the gun, does not walk into a store and commit the robbery, nope it is the human owner of that instrument that chooses to inflict savagery on others.

Why is this so hard to grasp?

It’s high time we begin teaching personal responsibility as the cornerstone of good citizenship, this is a fact not my opinion.

The contradiction of this or related mindsets is a chief eroding factor in our society.

That said, the only way to combat illegal force and violence is with immediate and decisive counter violence against the illegal aggressor.

This is the basis of all real world training.

It has been this way for all of time.

There is nothing new here besides the equipment, from cave dwellers to the present.

We must be decisive now, for our enemies are not deterred by gun free zone signage.

Here is the front window of the recruitment office.

Notice the sign, they are only obeyed by the law abiding.

The gun-free zone myth is an asinine example of ignorant and dangerous politics.

The Tennessee recruiting center.

The Tennessee recruiting center.

Contact your state rep and senator. Request that they stand with what Representative Wheeler has requested.

Here is a link to Governor Rauner’s contact page to hear your opinion.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the servicemen we lost.

Thank you to all service members living and gone from us.

We must be vigilant and prepared.

Remember to be aware, implement action when needed and protect life and liberty where you are able.


Support for Wheeler Call to Arm National Guard Recruiters — 23 Comments

  1. I am ok with the military having guns on bases but they need to be more careful monitoring people travelling to countries abroad and also people going into our military bases and working for private contractors. Look at Snowden, the man who shot at the Navy Yard in DC and other places.

  2. @karma: That’s exactly the point, those who are inclined to shoot up a recruiting station aren’t going to care if it’s a “gun free” zone or not.

    Anyone in the military who’s sidearm qualified should be required to carry while on duty.

  3. A soldier without his sidearm is just another victim of stupid regulations

  4. Steve

    I am not talking about this guy killing the soldiers and if you read clearly what I wrote is I am ok with the military carrying guns in their recruiting stations and bases but Barb Wheeler and other politicians need to stiffen up rules on background checks because this guy was allowed to intern for the TVA power plant and get into the Ohio power plant.

    Also if we see these guys are radicalized by overseas influences maybe we need more monitoring of people who travel to the Middle Eastern and even European countries.

  5. AZ supporter maybe we should look back in history as why the gun regulation was put into effect when GHW Bush was President.

  6. Federal troops are only allowed to operate outside the national boundaries of the United States under congressional mandate. Occasionally, under narrow circumstances with very specific operational guidelines, these troops may be called upon under Executive Order or may be used domestically. In the last thirty to forty years distrust of the Federal government and her administrative units has been high. Even during the civil rights movement, where there was unprecedented civil violence and federal troops were called upon, there was a fundamental trust the government would operate in the Citizen’s best interest. Not since the Civil War has there been such absolute disdain for government authority at every level. Making the move to disarm federal troops on domestic soil sent two messages to the American people: Domestically we are strong enough, peaceful enough and have enough civil authorities to deal with domestic issues without federal troops being armed. The federal government has no desire to send armed troops into American streets to deal with whatever is happening here. The fact is we still don’t need federal troops armed in domestic streets to deal with what is happening in America today. No one may predict or stop lone wolf attacks ever. It’s been said many times the greatest fear the Secret Service has is someone willing to give their life to take the President’s. We all count on some level of civility and sense within our nation. The fact is both have been eroding at an unprecedented rate in the last forty years by design. No nation wants to play second fiddle to the United States. All want to feel they are top dog. Outside of the United States there are people who are so ignorant they don’t even know what life is like outside their village. This is not a bad thing except when someone like ISIS starts brainwashing them into thinking God wants then to do something to people they don’t know anything about except what they are told. We need to protect our national borders, a federal function which is utterly failing. We need to protect our states, which we cannot do because the debtor is completely enslaved to the lender. We need to protect our communities, which we are afraid to do because someone might call us a racist for calling out someone who wants to live under Sharia law in our nation unmolested(this law is completely incompatible with our Constitution). National Guard has the mandate and authority to protect domestic soil in times of emergency. This is not such a time. One idiot with psych problems, drug problems and a gun shot up a military outpost(a recruiting station). The men who died would thank God this happened rather than women and children being shot up in a mall. Honor these dead. Protect your homes. Vote.

  7. Stop using the liars at Snopes to bolster your stupid argument, karma. Everyone knows that Clinton disarmed our military bases by making them gun-free zones. The directive signed by Donald J. Atwood, George H. W. Bush’s deputy secretary of defense was NOT the ban that Clinton enacted. Anyone that is interested in truth would never go to Snopes!

  8. Wasn’t Clinton and it wasn’t Bush. They signed updates to the original Nixon directive of 1969.

  9. Doesn’t matter who enacted the law.

    Why do people fight over guns when we have much bigger concerns.

    Our food is not checked when it comes from overseas, people can freely travel here and come here to live especially if they have money.

    We give visas faster to rich people who want to invest in America.

    ISIS is acting like a corporation with a financial report etc.

    I personally think we should stay out of the Middle East, bring our soldiers home, and let them guard the borders and airports.

    Only use soldiers that were trained in these things but why not?

    They are in a socialized system where the taxpayers pay their salaries anyway.

    We also should be utilizing them along with private workers to build infrastructure which is crumbing in this “richest country in the world”.

    Only some have the riches; others are pawns in the political games played.

    We need jobs for people and they would be more content and pay taxes on incomes and we wouldn’t have to worry about cutting everything in a race to the bottom.

  10. Cindy, here in another case about guns on military facilities your beloved Fox New (unfair and unbalanced) said that the gun ban happened pre Clinton under his predecessor, but they cowardly did not name papa Bush because Fox is an arm of the Republican party.

    that is why when a young black guy does something or is picked up by the cops they demonize the person but when a Duggar molests his sisters and a friend they act like it is nothing and put Huckabee on to defend the person who should be under mental health care.

  11. Military – noun: The armed forces of a nation.

    We are living in the age of insanity when the “armed forces” have been disarmed and need permission from politicians that disarmed them to again be armed.

    We have a God-given right of self preservation.

    We are not to be sheep awaiting slaughter.

  12. karma?

    I don’t know why you think I have any beloved source.

    I don’t even watch teevee.

    Pulled the plug on that one years ago!

    Try this on for size.

    All teevee is brainwashing.

    All government is corrupt.

    All pols are unworthy of any kind of trust or confidence.

    There is no such thing as division of pols like the left/right Rep/Dem paradigm.

    All news is fear mongering.

    All disaster events are kabuki theater.

  13. Hey karma. Watch Game of Thrones or The Simpsons. You will get more truth there than wherever you are getting your knowledge base now.

  14. I find the common denominator of all Republicans is not religion, guns, or business but MONEY.

    They want everything given to them and none to anyone else.

    Old tea partiers want their social security money but worry about “the wrong kind getting it”.

  15. You having a problem understanding what I am saying karma?

    I don’t HAVE A teevee!

    There is no such thing as Republican.

    Just as there is no such thing as Democrat.

    Stop with the divide and conquer attitude.

    I am behind you on most of the things you say (albeit stated very weirdly).

    I may be very old but I affiliate with no groups (all fake) on this dying planet.

    I answer only to The King.

  16. Duncan, what are you trying to say?

    I have never dissed you.

    Why would you diss me?

    Love thy neighbor ring any bells?

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