Steve Willson Apologizes for Endorsing Mike Smith for MCC Board

In a direct mail piece Steve Willson, the campaign manager for victorious McHenry County College Board candidates Ron Parrish, Karen Tirio and Mike Smith has apologized for supporting Smith.

Voting for himself, Smith was elected President of the MCC Board, replacing his running mate and incumbent President Parrish on a 4-3 vote.

Parrish allies Chris Jenner and Tirio voted to re-elect Parrish. Parrish’s was the third vote.

Willson wrote,

I was fooled by Smith.

Smith said all the right things, and I trusted him.

That was a mistake.

We can’t remove Mike Smith from office, but let us all remember what he did and make sure this is his only term in any office.

The mailing is below:

Apology AddressApology 7-20-15


Steve Willson Apologizes for Endorsing Mike Smith for MCC Board — 22 Comments

  1. Fascinating letter. Just think of what else we would learn about our elected officials if others did similar after-the-fact communication.

  2. I picture the other three candidates who ran for that seat being worse.

    What bugged me was the prevailing wage vote.

    How do different units of governments’ attorneys and managers answer completely different?

    The simple questions like “does this put us at risk” and “has this ever came back to bite anybody” shouldn’t receive different answers, it’s a yes or no.

    That’s not so much on Mike as it is the people answering the questions, although he probably should have done a little homework of his own.

  3. WOW!

    I too went out on a limb for Mr. Smith.

    I should have known better given all the “misstatements” that are obviously conjured up within the Smith residence in Turnberry.

    The “Barbie and Ken” couple are ‘allegedly’ dishonest politicians at their very worse.

  4. Joe, respectfully, I think what Mr. Wilson is trying to express is his disappointment that his ‘trust’ had been so callously breached by Mr. Smith.

    At least that is my take on the situation.

  5. Making mistakes makes us human.

    Admitting them and trying to fix them makes us outstanding!!

  6. What is Mike Smith’s side of the story.

    MCC support of the Lakewood TIF…is that one of the goal’s of his desire to be on the MCC Board & MCC Board President?

    …no clue.

    Did any of the principals of the firm proposing the Lakewood Sportsplex assist in the campaign to elect Smith to the MCC Board?

  7. I hope that by Steve doing this, Mike doesn’t start voting (more) against Parrish, Tirio, and Jenner out of spite.

  8. So, if Lakewood Village Board (except Paul) sees no problem with the way their “president” runs things, what kind of politicians are they?

    You shouldn’t have to think twice to answer, Numb Nuts has it right.

    Thanks Steve, for your apology.

    Your honesty and integrity were never in question and Al is right, admitting them and trying to fix them is outstanding.

    You really thought you were doing the right thing, I bet you won’t be fooled again.

  9. Let’s see who still supports the Smith’s now.

    Show of hands?


    McHenry County GOP?

    Do you still support Mike and Erin Smith?

    Obviously, the Smith’s are not Republicans and I would expect some kind of statement from the McHenry County Republican Party.

  10. Integrity is a major part of EVERONES’ character.

    Smith lacks integrity big time.

    He must not be trusted.

    Smith touts his “fiduciary”experience.

    Define that Mike!

    Look at what he did to Ron Parrish.

    Good job Steve.

    Mc Henry county residents…..beware of the self motivated Mr. Smith.

    Never trust a guy possessing such poor character.

  11. Steve just failed to realize the Barnhardt Axiom:

    The fact that a given person is holding or even seeking high-level public office is, in and of itself, proof that said person is morally and/or psychologically UNFIT to hold public office.

  12. Integrity is what a person does while nobody is looking.

    This is why I stated that the Smith’s must be conjuring things up within the walls of their home.

    The “Barbie and Ken” of McHenry County Politics.

    Perhaps a new blog will soon appear and we will chase the Mizzzzzzzzz Smith’s from town?

    We kicked Nygren Out, Zinke’s on his way out, I mean really out, Ken Koehler is a memory, Smith’s could be next.

    Stay tuned.

    BTW, Steve, it took guts to do what you just did. Thank you. Trust is a God given emotion Steve, you did nothing wrong. Smith took advantage of God’s trust.

  13. thank you Steve for your apology and informative letter..y

    ou were not the only one fooled we all were…

    as a precinct Committeeman Chemung 2..I also sent out a letter endorsing Smith and Parrish…

    as did Dunham 1…

    I hate back stabbing politics…

    hopefully it will all go away next election….

    McHenry county is on the mend

  14. Thank You Steve.

    You are DEFINITELY a class individual.

    I hope this will show just how corrupt these people are.

  15. Thanks Steve for calling out the disrespectful and dishonest act by Mr. Smith.

    He is no better than his wife as she too consistently exhibits similar callous and disingenuous conduct.

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith want platforms to wage their agenda and now they both have them.

    Be careful voters.

    The Lakewood presidential election is in less than 2 years and the Mr. Smith will be up for re-election in less than 4 years.

    Let’s hope the voters don’t forget their antics and actions when they go to cast their votes.

    But I am sure both will consistently continue to pull their antics throughout their time remaining in office keeping their dishonest actions in everyone’s mind.

  16. I can assure all reading these posts, the “Smiths” will not go unforgotten nor unnoticed for the foreseeable future.

    “Dirty Smiths vs. Stinky Zinkes” I hear it is being laid out for publication very soon.

    I hope that rumor is true, I miss that guys blog.

    I am told that Backmann guy has some information that will blow McHenry County right back to the days of a well known topic; “Payoffs, Layoff’s and Prescription Narcotic Pain medications, for starters.

    What would a person be doing with over 2,000 narcotic prescription pain medications is their car? (I’m not talking about the Smiths in this situation.)

    Just a basic question for all to ponder?!

    The Smiths are allegedly going to be brought out as buyers and liars with tax payers dollars.

  17. This Thursday at 6:30 PM there is a McHenry County College Board meeting.

    The meeting agenda and board packet is posted.

    Purchase of land is on the closed session portion of the meeting agenda.

    All taxing district boards should have an electronic board packet posted on their website prior to the meeting, just as MCC does.

    Electronic board packets are part of taxpayer transparency 101.

    School districts are some of the worst offenders in terms of not posting electronic board packets prior to the board meeting (or afterwards for that matter).

    Reading taxing district electronic board packets is one of the best ways for taxpayers to educate themselves on the taxing district.

  18. Smith ran for the 6 yr position. So he’s got 6 yrs on MCC’s board. Anyone? Correct me if I’m wrong.

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