CL Downtown Parking Lot Finished

And here’s the photo that the City of Crystal Lake sent:
CL Downntown Parking Lot Finished

What’s New?

1. Reconfigured parking spaces to add 10 parking spaces
2. Three 15-minute parking spaces for customers’ convenience
3. Larger outdoor seating area at the northeast corner
4. Upgraded street light cabinet and outlets for downtown events
5. Lowered grade at the northwest corner to reduce the parking lot slope
6. New landscaping within and around the parking lot
7. Seat wall along the west edge of the parking lot to be used during events


CL Downtown Parking Lot Finished — 6 Comments

  1. Looks like a nice job.

    The downtown CL businesses must be very happy that lot if back up and operational.

  2. I sure hope this parking lot gets more use than the park and ride at Rt. 31 and Virginia Cutoff.

    Once in a while you might see 3 or 4 cars, but most of the time 0 cars.

    Millions of our dollars wasted to build and maintain this.

    who was resposible for this fiasco??

  3. Various local politicians were trying to promote less smog in the air. I thought it was way to big also.

  4. This was the biggest Waste of my TAX $$ EVER!! its as bad as the numerous times they keep pulling out perfectly good trees / shrubbs along Main St. where the commuter parking runs and replacing them over and over again!

    why not just open up 10 EXTRA spaces at the commuter lots then to create all this mess and waste more of our TAX $$ … and create such inconvenience in the downtown area for all the businesses, can you say Doh!!!! DA! it never stops!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think you are wrong, LT. The biggest waste of your tax dollars ever is those monoliths to Baphomet on Route 14! This is a very close second, though.

  6. Since about 1953 the Brits and our CIA over threw the elected gov in Iran, installed the Shah, feed him military equipment, then when that went bad we supported Iraq against Iran, had to kick Iraq out of Kuwait, then take the dope out of power in Iraq because we failed to do the logical thing after the HW war, and now send more troops back into that hell hole.

    That is the biggest waste of my tax dollars. What at least 4 or 5 trill?

    Had we kept out of their politics, most of the future troubles we will have in that area, may not have occurred IMO.

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