Heroin Antidote VIVITROL® to Be Discussed

A press release from the McHenry County Circuit Court:


The 22nd Judicial Circuit, Department of Probation and Court Services is hosting a presentation on the use of the medication Vivitrol® a non-addictive FDA approved drug that blocks opioid receptors and has been proven successful with drug abuse intervention efforts for alcohol and heroin/opiate addicted clients. Vivitrol® http://www.vivitrol.com/, naltrexone for extended-release injectable suspension is designed for once-monthly dosing, blocks opioid receptor sites.

Alkermes, (a global biopharmaceutical company) representatives have worked in over a dozen States and other jurisdictions on drug intervention efforts utilizing Vivitrol® for heroin/opiate dependent offenders with excellent results.

Following the presentation will be an open forum for governmental and community partners to ask questions on how we can collectively combat the epidemic of heroin/opiate addiction and overdoses in our community and how Vivitrol® can assist us in this effort.

Presenters will include:

Mark R. Smith, President of the Di Vinci Group, a consulting firm that works with governmental agencies and policy makers throughout the United States.

Adam Rondeau, R.N., BSN, Associate Director, Government Affairs and Policy Alkermes, Inc. will present on the specific questions regarding the use of Vivitrol, medical questions, etc.

CHRISTOPHER R. WILKINS, Sr. President/CEO CHESS President/CEO CHESS Mobile Health, Inc., Pittsford, New York. Former Public defender and Prosecutor in the State of New York will present on the effectiveness of Vivitrol® in crime reduction efforts.

Julie Naples Alkermes Illinois Representative for Alkermes, will discuss ongoing efforts for the use of Vivitrol® in various Illinois Judicial Circuits.

The presentation will be held at the McHenry County Administration Building. For additional information please contact, Walt Pesterfield, Director Probation and Court Services at 815-334-4400.

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Meanwhile in Lake County the State’s Attorney’s Office has issued the following press release on the same subject:


for their outstanding achievements

(Lake County, IL July 24, 2015) Lake County State’s Attorney, Michael G. Nerheim and co-founder of the Lake County Opioid Initiative announced that the Initiative has received an achievement award from the National Association of Counties (NACo) in Washington, DC for their outstanding initiative accomplishments.

Lake County Opioid Initiative Members

Lake County Opioid Initiative Members

NACo’s 2015 Achievement Awards are given to counties who have really shown the tremendous value they are bringing to their county residents all over the country.

Lake County Board Chairman, Aaron Lawlor presented the award to the Lake County Opioid Initiative Members at their monthly meeting yesterday in Grayslake.

The Lake County Health Department and the Mundelein Police Department were instrumental in the training of Naloxone administration of 52 police departments across Lake County.

The Naloxone Police Program was implemented via a train-the-trainer program.

This program trains individual police officers-who then train their colleagues in the administration of Naloxone.

Due to the efforts of the Lake County Opioid Initiative, twenty-six lives have been saved since Christmas 2014.

In addition, on February 10, 2015 the Lake County Board submitted a resolution providing for the support of efforts to train and equip first responders with Naloxone.

In summary, the Lake County Opioid Initiative has conducted at least 10 educational forums for parents and children since its inception.

The forums have taken place at various community centers, high schools, hospitals and at the College of Lake County. Members of the initiative have partnered with not-for-profit agencies in order to begin the education and prevention end as it relates to heroin and opioid addiction.

The attendance at each forum has ranged from 100 to 300.

The interest of parents and youth has sparked as a result of the opioid initiative’s marketing and communications strategies.

Furthermore, the Lake County Opioid Initiative has obtained funding for its anonymous Text-A-Tip program which will provide measurable results on the assistance needed, as it relates to the heroin and opioid issue, among other issues such as mental health, suicide and any assistance that a Lake County resident may need in a time of crisis.

The initiative has also helped in expanding the availability of prescription drop boxes all while working with the DEA-Chicago Region.

In the year 2014, there were 63 deaths related to opioid and/or heroin overdoses.

The initiative has determined that between the years 2008-2012, heroin related overdose deaths increased over 45%, and between the years 2013-2014 heroin and opioid related overdose deaths increased over 43%.

According to hospital discharge information from the Illinois Department of Public Health, in 2012, there were a total 83 of non-fatal heroin overdoses in Lake County.

In addition, there were a total of 90 non-fatal prescription overdoses in 2012. Also in 2012, non-fatal overdoses due to heroin and prescription drugs exceeded all other drug overdoses by 175%.

The Lake County Opioid Initiative is working diligently to reduce these numbers as well as to save more lives, and this is all being done without the use of taxpayer dollars.

The Lake County Opioid Initiative is now a not-for-profit organization.

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