MCC Presidential Search Firm Coming to Town

It is rare that McHenry County College asks for taxpayers’ opinions on major decisions.

While the following invitation has gone to “members of the MCC community,” some taxpayers might be bold enough to attend the meeting in question:

SAVE THE DATE – July 27, 2015!

A firm hired to suggest Vicky Smith's replacement will be in town next Monday.

A firm hired to suggest Vicky Smith’s replacement will be in town next Monday.

MCC and professional search firm, R.H. Perry & Associates, are conducting a search process for the College’s next president.As part of the search process, special sessions will be conducted to gather feedback on the search and both the short and long-term objectives for the incoming president.

Two of these sessions will be open to the community on Monday, July 27all members of the community are welcome to attend:

  • 11:15 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. in the MCC Board Room (Room A217)
  • 5 to 5:45 p.m. in the MCC Board Room (Room A217)

The Board of Trustees will discuss the Presidential search process at a 6:30 meeting on Monday.


MCC Presidential Search Firm Coming to Town — 14 Comments

  1. They should promote from within. Also why have a outside firm you have to pay for when trade papers exist that are way cheaper?

  2. One dude that was a assist admin was offered a job in Cal, he turned it down and stayed here.

    I would ass-ume he would be qualified.

    My bet is their are two or three more MCC employees that also could do the job.

    Pay them a tad less for a year or so, then start gradually bumping them up in wages.

    Control the bennies, we don’t need to be labeled Dup Co.2

  3. This whole thing that this person or that is invaluable and we need to pay top $$$$$ is nonsense.

    I’ve learned everybody can be replace in a matter of days, we could pay a little less because the job is a decent job, and the gov organization wouldn’t even miss them at all.

    It’s a craps shoot, as was Vicky.

  4. MCC has an excellent in house successor that I would highly recommend.

    Tony Miksa has what it takes and I personally witnessed his qualifications.

    He has excellent qualifications and he has MCC experience that any outsider does not possess.

    There will be no learning curve and he will be up to speed immediately.

    There was no need for the board to hire a search firm and pay those huge fees.

    Tony can be selected and given a short term/ initial contract and review his progress and extend.

    No need to hire long term.

    Look at what has happened at COD.

    Long term college president contracts should be a thing of the past.

    Let’s see how Mike Smith handles this one.

    Let’s see if he can exhibit his extensive “fiduciary” experience to the MCC students and to the citizens of Mc Henry county.

    He sure did not illustrate any fiduciary responsibility to Ron Parrish now did he?

  5. In order to get ahead in government, one must conform.

    Those who question orthodoxy are NOT promoted.

    Therefore if the College uses the standard criteria of experience in a similar position, record of promotion, and an Ed.D., MCC is guaranteed to get another supporter of the status quo.

    What the college needs is someone who thinks outside the box.

    Instead of thinking of MCC as a college, think of it as a business, with the students and the taxpayers as the customers.

    Bring in some fresh blood, someone with business administration experience but who is from completely outside the education industry.

  6. I disagree Mr. Willson.

    In business, promoting from within is solid policy and is great for morale.

    An outsider had an extended learning curve and would have to surround themselves with people in the “know” to succeed. Waste of time and talent.

    Miksa has shown fiscal restraint, he is a listener , he is a good negotiator and is a good communicator.

    He also s excellent at taking direction.

  7. If the board doesn’t lead, solutions will never occur no matter who gets the job. Promote from within and try something new/different for a change.

  8. I agree.

    Let’s do something different and outside the box.

    Show guts and make a different decision and not fall prey to the advice of consultants.

  9. Mr. Wilbeck, to every rule there is an exception.

    You have excellent judgment.

    If you say Miksa is an independent thinker, I will be guided by your superior insight — you are much closer to the situation than I am.

    Trust me when I say many people miss having you on the board.

  10. Are any mchenrycountyblog readers or perhaps Cal going to be attending any of these sessions?

  11. I truly miss being on the board.

    I enjoyed the challenge and the e periwnce.

  12. I’m going to the 5pm session tonight.

    There is also a Special Board meeting at 6:30pm tonight where the Board will discuss the search.

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