Part 46 – Who’s Got What

Bridgett Provenzano, who ran in the Republican primary for Nunda Township Supervisor, maintains a campaign committee.

When I looked at the summary report, it shows no money at the beginning of the year, no money at the end of the first three months.

Also no money in, no money out.

Same for the second three months of 2015.


Part 46 – Who’s Got What — 2 Comments

  1. It is with great sadness that we are, once again, being subjected to this temper tantrum by a few folks with too much time one their hands.
    First and foremost, I strongly disapprove of a county board that would legitimize a grossly flawed document presented by promoters of the township consolidation referendum. Secondly, that a county board would spend penny one of tax dollars to make the case for those promoters of the referendum… is beyond dumbfounding.
    IF… the residents of any townships, villages or municipality choose to take such action, I say go for it. But, let it be their choice/action.
    To have people who have no idea how the folks in these entities may choose to change their boundaries is a matter for them, and them alone, to decide.
    To those suggesting family members should not be hired by people they have elected to office I say, change this at the ballot box. When voters do not choose to make these changes, in nearly all instances they are saying they’re satisfied with the way their township/village/municipality is being run.
    If township foes are so hell bent on reducing government, turn your energies to your school districts. It is long past the time these “houses” need cleaning. Your tax bills are all that should encourage this action.
    Every time the township issue is brought up, by the same people, there is a cost to those who represent their local constituent’s. This need not be seen as defending elected positions but as protecting their residents.
    What is most disappointing is that this band of people, promoters of township consolidation, along with county board members, think they can dictate their neighbors future.
    There are far more important issues to be addressed!

  2. Sorry about that…

    I hit the wrong button! have copied this message to the Township Consolidation article where it belongs…

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