Message of the Day – A Sign

Here is a “not in my backyard” sign that is along Route 47 south of Dwight.

The sign against windmills says, "

The sign against windmills says, “Our Country, Our Health” and promotes the group’s web site–

Information is presented on the group’s web site PC Windfarm.

Such a fight has not reached McHenry County, but it certainly has taken place in DeKalb and Boone Counties, adjacent to us.


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  1. MY former wife and her family have gotten extremely wealthy by giving up their farm land for these ‘wind farms.’

    It looks horrible.

    This is down in McLean County, South Livingston County.

    I recall all the wonderful days my brother in-laws and I would spend hunting that 1,000 acres of pristine land.

    We even dredged our own lake.

    Now, it looks absolutely, terribly industrial.

    Shocking actually when I first saw it.

    However, I realize we need energy, clean energy hopefully.

    It’s a trade off of an unfortunate nature.

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