Rauner Continues Effort to Kill Legislative Pay Hike

From Governor Bruce Rauner:

Time Running Out to Stop Legislator Pay Raise

– Legislators have until Friday to stop pay hike –

– Pantagraph Newspaper: “Legislator Pay Hike Another Insult to Taxpayers” –

The Illinois House Chambers will be full this week.

The Illinois House Chambers will be full this week.

As Illinois legislators head back to Springfield, tomorrow will mark House members’ last chance to stop a pay raise worth more than $1350 before they get paid Friday, July 31.

House Bill 4225 would stop the pay raises, but Speaker Madigan and the legislators he controls refuse to vote on it.

Background from the Associated Press

House Speaker Michael Madigan won’t answer questions about it. After years of well-intended, politically popular votes to reject raises, Chicago Senate President John Cullerton now says it would violate the Illinois Constitution not to take the pay.

When asked later to reconcile repeated votes to reject increases — including in 2014, after the court ruling — Cullerton spokeswoman Rikeesha Phelon released a statement reiterating the constitutional proscription.

That hasn’t stopped Republicans from trying to nix the money.

Democrats refuse to call a vote on the GOP legislation.

Additional Background

The General Assembly has previously voted to reject legislator COLAs in FY10, FY11, FY12, FY13, FY14 and FY15. (Compensation Review Act – 25 ILCS 120/5.6-6.2)

Rauner links to editorials supporting his position in

The Bloomington Pantograph

The Dispatch and Rock Island Argus


Rauner Continues Effort to Kill Legislative Pay Hike — 10 Comments

  1. This bill was proposed on May 28 along with 37 co-sponsors.

    Jack Franks didn’t sign onto it until July 21.

    Why did he wait 7 weeks, did it take him that long to calculate the effect the raise will have on his pension?

  2. Franks is still waiting for his biscuit.

    Hmmmmmmm, we have a lot of “DIRTY DOGS” in this race.

    Maybe your’e right, his calculating skills leave the people wondering about his abilities.

    Way to go Brucey!

  3. Here is something for the people to ponder, compliments of Senator Dan Duffy–>

    “Dan Duffy Frank Kelly, Mike Madigan is Speaker of the House and Chairman of the Democratic Party.

    A bill has to pass both Houses before it can go to the governor for his signature.

    As Speaker of the House, Madigan decides what bills can be called for a vote in that chamber.

    If a Democrat (Democrats hold supermajorities in the Illinois legislature and can pass any bill, any time they want, without one Republican vote) does vote the way Madigan wants, he will not give them money for their reelection since he controls the purse strings as chairman of their party.

    The president of the Senate, Cullerton, was Madigan’s floor leader in the House and now president of the Senate due to Madigan’s support.

    Madigan controls both chambers.

    The way to stop this mess, is to vote more Republicans into office in 2016 and take away Madigan’s power as Speaker.

    West Virginia recently did something very similar and in a state controlled by Democrats, last November they voted in enough Republicans to bring balance to their state government.

    Thanks for the note”


    Like his page and join the conversations.


  4. Let the chips fall where they may, I enjoy Rauner holding Madigan’s feet to the fire.

    Rauner has nothing to lose here

  5. Legislators taking a pay hike and making legislative pay a continuing appropriation so the legislators continue to get paid during a budget standoff between the Governor and Legislature, while some social services and not for profits would see their payments directly or indirectly stopped, is crazy.

    How many legislators are living paycheck to paycheck compared to others who depend on state payments.

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