Salary Freeze for Countywide Officials

County Auditor Pam Palmer

County Auditor Pam Palmer

Dr. Anne Majewski, County Coroner

Dr. Anne Majewski, County Coroner

Katherine Keefe, Circuit Clerk

Katherine Keefe, Circuit Clerk

The Human Services Committee has the setting of salaries on the agenda of its next meeting.

The most important line on the memo accompanying the resolution follows:

Impact on Budget (Revenue; Expenses, Fringe Benefits):  None

Joe Gotemoller, County Board Chairman

Joe Gotemoller, County Board Chairman

That means the following will not receive raises (current salaries are shown in parentheses):

  • County Auditor ($104,750)
  • County Coroner ($104,750)
  • County Recorder of Deeds ($104,750)
  • Clerk of the Circuit Courts ($104,750)
  • County Board Chairman ($82,200)

= = = = =
The salary for the County Board Chairman is higher than that for State Representative.


Salary Freeze for Countywide Officials — 16 Comments

  1. That’s good because they make more than the average person in McHenry County.

  2. I call total BS.

    I am shocked by those numbers!

    I would be shocked by numbers that would be half of those represented.

    Those are ridiculous numbers to be paying out for public service positions.

    No wonder politicians are career oriented!

  3. How come the county doesn’t have a step plan for elected officials?

    A newbie should start out lower than the person they replaced, than their wages grow every time they get reelected due to inflation.

    The present system doesn’t motivate the elected to do their jobs to a high standard.

    All the county elected should start down around say the 80s and then gradually have their wages increased.

  4. That type of a payment plan made the front page of the Chicago Tribune when a reporter discovered that long-time members of the city council were being paid more because of their longevity.

  5. The problem with step plans is that they tend to minimize the amount of money put into the pension fund, since it’s the contributions from the low starting salary that accrue the most years’ worth of interest.

    They also tend to maximize pension payouts, because the payouts are based on the much higher end of career salaries.

    That’s why the public employee unions are always more concerned with the step increases than they are with the starting salary.

    Now, I don’t think that the county officials should get any sort of defined-benefit pension, but that’s a whole ‘nuther argument.

  6. Interesting point and true.

    Gov unions hardly resemble private sector unions because of the multiple steps they have written in.

    Pensions for elected aren’t like reg gov pensions either.

    Some what more generous.

    That should change as you suggested.

  7. Cal I was talking about the positions you mentioned, not board members who do almost the same job.

  8. I don’t understand how someone with no training or secular skill can command these salaries.

    Show me they were commanding this salary in their private life for the same amount of hours.

    Plus a pension- all these people whining about teachers…… at least they went to school for the field they work in.

  9. Why is any taxpayer in McHenry County advocating a “step” plan for an elected official?

    These are supposed to be temporary jobs subject to elections every four years.

    There should definitely NOT be any “Step” and there should be no perks!!

    Repeat: The jobs are temporary.

  10. I’m on board with that, Questioning.

    You are absolutely right.

    I guess no one in this county has ever seen “Mr. Smith goes to Washington”.

    (Or ever heard about what Truman did when he left office.)

  11. As the law is written now they aren’t temporary jobs, reelection has no limits.

    Want term limits, lets hear your proposal, I’m listening.

  12. What does a salary freeze have to do with whether they’re up for re-election?

    What am I missing?

  13. Salaries for elected officials have to be set ahead of time.

    The officials elected last year had their salaries set two years ago.

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