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  1. We are supposed to have separation of church from state in US and that is why churches get tax breaks but they are involved in politics as are 501c groups that claim to be religious.

    If guns were treated as abortions and they are both constitutional as approved by Supreme Court, in Mississippi there would be only one gun store as there is one abortion clinic.

    And if republicans want to probe womens’ vaginas well people would have to be probed also so they would not conceal weapons, and if women have to watch aborted baby videos then gunowners would have to watch children and people killed by guns.

  2. How is it that some know so much that is purely unadulterated hog wash?

  3. Abortion is a constitutional right passed by the Supreme Court just as Bush vs Gore and Citizens United, but republicans are crybabies and vindictive when things don’t go their way.

    Gore was sad that the Supreme Court interjected themselves in a Florida states rights issue which republicans are usually for states rights but Ted Cruz was on of the layers strongarming people when they were counting the vote and bringing the suits.

    Now that the Supreme Court passed abortion as a womans right to choose in the 1960’s and Same sex marriage republicans are acting like babies with presidential candidates like Huckabee, Cruz and Paul saying they will fight and not obey and also saying the rule of law.

    You didn’t see Al Gore say I am going to fight it.

    MYOB is the best policy in US and if you are worried about guns there are more guns and no gun rights have been decreased under Obama even though a majority of people want to close gun show and individual sale loopholes, keep guns away from felons and mentally ill and domestic violent people.

    States and NRA fight common sense regulations and national databases and should lose Federal money if they do.

    What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  4. Well I never had an abortion but God gave people free will and each will have to answer for their sins including anti abortion advocates who kill doctors and harass women making a difficult decision and hate gay people including some of their own children and divorce and commit adultery and any other sin.

  5. The Constitution is the most misquoted misused document, other than the Bible, in America (totally unsubstantiated opinion based upon years of listening to the garbage people spew about both).

    First- The separation of church and state never said religious values in society were not solicited or needed but merely desired the effect of not allowing the same bastard governments the European continent allowed through Vatican interference in all of those governments.

    Those nation states even promoted their own “Pope” to assert legitimacy and religious rectitude over other nation states.

    America would have none of that type of interference.

    As a matter of fact ANY outside interference into the affairs of American government was seen as an immoral attack on our ideals.

    This myth of taking the tyranny of a particular religious order out of government and attempting, in the last fifty years, to disallow God’s righteous influence over the citizens of this nation is an attack on the very health and safety of our nation.

    Without God’s moral backbone to this nation the very idea of a free state becomes untenable and the ideals this nation were founded on will be the very things which destroy us.

    Second- Comparing the ownership of guns, which is a constitutionally protected right, to abortion, which is not, is the worst of red herrings.

    The stretch to put them in the same conversation is incredible on its face.

    The Supreme Court stated they had no right to infringe on the ability of a woman to have an abortion because there were no specific national laws against it.

    The Judicial Branch may only adjudicate whether there is legality or illegality to anything our nation may present before them.

    They do NOT create constitutionality or law.

    Only the Legislative Branch may write/amend law or the constitution.

    The Legislative Branch has been resoundingly silent on the matter of abortion because it would get them put in the center of a firestorm the Judicial Branch (due to the citizenry being horribly ignorant) has mercifully allowed them to sidestep.

    They are fundamentally a bunch of self serving cowards who wouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets without being derided in another day and age.

    Today they collect money from both sides for their campaign promises or threats.

    Third- Both Bush v. Gore, Citizens United and same sex marriage fall under the previous comment.

    We are governed by fools who are cowards and narcissists who are getting rich due to The People’s ignorance.

    While I cannot blame the political creatures for being exactly what they’ve been for eons I can blame The People for their apathy as the rights paid for in blood are consistently eroded for riches and accolade.

    While I am all for personal responsibility history has shown us all people, in the absence of Law and Good Sense, will opt for their own destruction because, for the most part, people are naive children in a world filled with things built to destroy them.

    Although our Founding Fathers could not anticipate the specific issues we face today they were well aware of the tendencies of government and people.

    They attempted to protect the Ideal of this nation from both through a well thought out Constitution, division of government and individual written records.

    Then they paid for this Ideal in blood, sealed it in Oath and set it in motion to toddle forth to defend itself.

    We, The People, will lose the freedoms left to us if we continue to believe the lies told by cowardly self serving narcissists bought and paid for in the treasure of nations and men who hate the Ideal on which this nation was founded.

  6. Priest!

    [clap, clap, clap]

    (Even though your treatise will be totally misconstrued by the ill-informed.)

  7. karma?

    Please read this quote and then reread it until you actually understand it:

    …”Those who have chosen to accept executive and judicial mandates of all forms of biblical aberrations are, in fact, facilitating the evil that will bring about their own destruction.”

    …Douglas Hagmann

  8. The churches in European countries were enmeshed in the local governments.

    In fact, the church had enormous influence over their governments.

    This is why people like my Great Grandparents and my Great, Great Grandparents boarded a ship at their local sea ports and crossed the ocean for “religious freedom” and the American Dream.

    The enormity of their sacrifices are incredible.

    Each and every generation, after, is aware of their accomplishments, as they not only planted new roots here, but made every effort to make life easier for generations to come. Even today, their lives influence so many people in so many ways, as future generations are truly inspired because of their stories and their sacrifices in pursuit of the American Dream.

    They forged a path that todays generation walk because of those sacrifices.

    Many of our young people today, do not understand and or appreciate the significance of religious freedom in our country.

    It is something that should be taught in more depth in our schools.

    My Great Grandmother Anna, was a 19 year old kid when she, boarded and ship, in Sweden and came to the United States for the promise of a new future in America.

    She lived and raised her family on a farm in North Dakota.

    Corruption, robs people of their past, and changes who they are forever.

    We the people are the gatekeepers responsible for making sure the rights of future generations are protected and preserved.

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