Planned Parenthood Contributions to Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

The only local legislator who has accepted money from Planned Parenthood is Democrat Jack Franks.

Since his first election Franks has characterized himself as “Pro-Choice,” but votes in his early terms tended to agree with Pro-Lifers.

Eight years into his legislative service, Franks took his first money from Planned Parenthood.

Franks PP 2-13-7
Four years later he took more money.
Franks PP 3-1-11
Two years later there was another donation.

FRanks PP 3-1-13

There were two contributions in 2014.
FRanks PP2014

This year Franks received more money.
FRanks PP 2-5-15

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Planned Parenthood Contributions to Jack Franks — 13 Comments

  1. Pure evil needs to pay to keep their corrupt agenda going. How’s that working out for humanity?

  2. How nice!

    Taxpayers pay their taxes to fund abortion clinics and the abortion providers use some of that money to fund campaigns.

  3. Yet Gov Rauner contributes to Planned Parenthood.

    Gov Rauner and his wife are huge supporters of Planned Parenthood.

  4. I agree Miss Uppity.

    Politics and religion and controversial issues are used by the rich to tear Americans apart and not think about the important issues that we all have in common.

    Remember the Republican party including the Bushes were pro choice before they changed to pro life to get votes and power.

    Rauner is no different.

    And by the way where is the budget?

    Rauner should compromise with Cullerton who wants to make a deal and then Madigan would follow.

    Also if Jack Franks votes can be bought for a $250.00 contribution he is a “cheap date”.

  5. I find it ironic, that indirectly Gov Rauner is funding Jack Franks.

  6. I doubt Illinois will ever have a good solid budget. It’s way beyond any repair.

  7. Why buy Jack dinner and movie when he’ll sleep with you for microwave popcorn and a rented dollar movie?

    This is an excellent lesson for several reasons…

    First- When a person or group is predictable there is absolutely no reason to court them.

    Planned Parenthood can count on Democrats to vote their direction so why give them any more than token appreciation.

    This goes for any identifiable group.

    The NRA and its supporters vote overwhelmingly conservative. Democrats don’t have to listen, except where money is in play, and conservatives don’t have to listen because they will garner the vote anyway.

    Black people are consistently marginalized for the same, if much more dire, reasons.

    At least PETA is rich enough to buy the ear of a politician. Black people vote nearly perfectly for Democrats.

    No one listens to them because of this and they cannot afford to buy a politician of their own.

    The few groups(Rainbow Coalition, NAACP, pastors) mislead and use this group for their own enrichment of goods and power rather than serving this community in their best interests.

    This is a circular horror show.

    The worst part is Planned Parenthood was created by racists with the desire to limit or wipe out minorities in America through murdering their children and Jack Franks supports this goal or Planned Parenthood wouldn’t give him a dime.

    Second– It has been said, throughout history by many different philosophers, when a people discovers they may vote themselves money from the public coffers that is the end of Democracy.

    Because Politicians have discovered they can vote public money to their surrogates, like Planned Parenthood, who will, in turn, give money to their campaigns the politicians are bought and paid for with public money within the political system and within the governmental system.

    All politicians vote money out of the pockets of taxpayers into the pockets of politicians through their third party surrogates.

    Reforms need to happen but I fear Susan is the tip of the spear in saying The People need to work very hard to stop giving money to The State and the only healthy fear instilled in a politician is the fear The People will wake up and kill them for their public trespasses.

    Without a healthy fear of The People and those dire consequences, she asserted, politicians will blithely go on about their current path of pillaging the public coffers for their own enrichment until, like Greece, there no longer is money in the coffers.

    However, that terrifying picture Cal posted here of an insane person on a military vehicle in Ferguson pointing an automatic weapon at The People will then become reality on every street domestically as the cornered political animals look to steal what they cannot collect and the very thin veneer of Law is finally destroyed.

    This is why there are people who work very hard to avert this dystopian possibility.

    WAKE UP!!!

    Third- To those who are leaving, I wish you well and totally understand your impulses for survival.

    To those who are staying I say this…

    You cannot understand, or become great at, skiing without being where the skiing is the most challenging where it may teach you the most.

    Surfing without finding the hardest breaks with the wildest surf to help you become a creative and strong surfer.

    Citizenship without finding where your freedoms are challenged the most and every kind of evil is arrayed against the Free Citizen.

    I do not live in Hawaii or SoCal or Colorado…

    We live in Illinois.

    The greatest place on the planet to test Freedom and its ideals.

    I will not run to Texas, or Indiana, or Wisconsin or any other place I may.

    This is where I will make my stand for Freedom and all the messiness this ideal entails.

    If we win here The Union is safer.

    Illinois has destabilized the nation with her politics. Lincoln brought Federalism, Reagan brought deregulation, Obama brought socialism and Hillary…


    More corruption?

    Who knows what she will do?

    To those inclined make your stand here.


    Start with voting Jack Franks out of your homes and businesses locally and then worry about more.

    He is the local evil.

    He is the rich suburban wanna be who will do anything for the favor of the powerful and influential.

    He cares nothing for you, McHenry county (where does his money come from), Illinois, the American Ideal or the future generations who will inherit what he is helping to produce with his servicing the needs of anyone who he perceives can give him what he personally wants.

  8. For Jack Franks to voted out, as Priest suggests is desirable, he needs an opponent.

    This time around, no one has raised his or her head.


  9. A seventh contribution from Planned Parenthood to the Supporters of Jack D Franks PAC was reported to the State Board of Elections on September 14, 2015 for $200.

    The grand total is $1,600.


    Vote Smart

    Jack Franks’s Ratings and Endorsements

    Abortion and Reproductive

    2005 – Planned Parenthood Illinois Action – Positions – 100%

    2003 – Planned Parenthood Illinois Action – Positions – 100%

    2001 – Planned Parenthood Illinois Action – Positions – 86%

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