Joni Smith Announces for Recorder of Deeds

A press release from Recorder of Deeds candidate Joni Smith:

Smith,Joni leterheaadMy name is Joni Smith and I am excited to announce I am running for the position of McHenry County Recorder in March 2016.

The Recorder’s Office is responsible for recording, maintaining and retrieving county real estate records, documents and subdivision plats.

Phyllis Walters, McHenry County Recorder since 1984, announced she will not seek re-election in 2016.

I am humbled by Phyllis Walters’ endorsement and confident that I am the best candidate to fill the position of McHenry County Recorder serving the residents of McHenry County.

I am a wife, mother and life-long resident of McHenry County.

I have 27 years experience in the business industry including supervisory experience.

I have previously served as a Nunda Township Trustee and Precinct Committeeman, involvement with the McHenry County Young Republicans, Pro-Life and community services of which I have dedicated myself as a public servant in assisting those in need.

In addition I carry the knowledge, experience, integrity and sound judgment required to continue the excellent service and forward thinking the Recorder’s Office has provided the residents of McHenry County for more than 30 years.

I am seeking the position because I have seen firsthand the challenges and opportunities the Recorder’s Office faces as McHenry County continues to grow and the economy begins to recover.

Currently employed with the Recorder’s Office, I understand the dynamics of the office and will look for new ways to build on its stability, maximize its efficiency and move forward with progress. Efficiency and customer service will remain my priority of the office.

I would sincerely appreciate your support.

Please feel free to contact me at or 815-245-0836 or visit my web site at

Experience counts!

= = = = =
The web site tells readers that the Campaign Kick-Off will be September 18, 2015 at the Crystal Lake Rib House, 540 E Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake, at 6:30 PM.


Joni Smith Announces for Recorder of Deeds — 16 Comments

  1. If this office is NOT required Constitutionally, get rid of it.

    Give this supervisory job to the County Clerk – but do NOT raise the pay for that office.

    This would reduce what taxpayers pay in public sector salaries.

    Will Joni also hire her Operating Engineer spouse if she is elected.

  2. I saw her operating engineer business agent husband in the parade with his 150 flair and making it clear they are a package deal.

    I wonder if she knows what business agents really do.

    Ask Jack Pease he knows, and what about that woman in Cary they followed around?

    Perhaps the candidate can tell us if her husband was part of that BS.

    Joni is no republican, she’s in it to give the unions a foothold.

    We can do better!

  3. Lots of Red Flags with this candidate, Agree with Questioning if you know the job continue to do it.

    Do not need you to get a raise Save the Taxpayers some $$ which should be your 1st thought.

  4. Another great Republican running for office!

    We need more people like her.

  5. Hey! DeFacto!

    What plant do you live on?

    Have you ever read the Republican platform?

  6. This position shouldn’t be about politics, it’s just Recorder.

    Look at the other candidate, is she a better choice?

    IMO NO.

    James K above seems to be on the right frequency.

  7. Ok her husband is NOT a business agent. He’s certainly been very active in politics but works in a piece of equipment. Joni is honest as the day is long. Recorder of Deeds is an important office with a specific function. I don’t think that adding staff to the clerks office to cover this function will cost any less. Between the two announced candidates it’s pretty clear that Joni is better suited for the job

  8. Joni and her spouce been in the republican party for many years. helped many great people elected.

  9. Oh great.

    Another union connected position.

    Just what this county needs.

  10. So one has disgraced herself in the Republican Party and the other candidate is a knuckle busting UNION Democrat posing as a Republican.

    How would someone else get the support they need to win against these 2 ?

  11. Dumb and Dumber, Running for Office of County Recorder


    Bad to Worse, Running for Office of County Recorder.

    Tina has got stink all over her, no good politician would/should support that, and Joni is one of the lower tier workers in the office and couldn’t get a job close to this in the Private Sector as she isn’t qualified. She is not even a supervisor.

    $30k to $100K is a mighty big jump.

    Is she related to Phyllis Walters?

    I know Joni already has her kid working in that office.

  12. “Forward Thinking” OH that smacks of a Progressive Democrat!

    And the Nygren t-shirt is just the frosting on the cake, isn’t it!

  13. JEEBUS, I think you should do a little more research before you go and assume what her job title is.

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