Skillicorn Knocking on CL Doors

The Republican Primary Election is in March, yet East Dundee Village Trustee Allen Skillicorn has been sighted knocking on doors in Crystal Lake.

Skillikorn lit 7-15 frontHe is one of four seeking to replace retiring State Rep. Mike Tryon in the Illinois House.

Of the three male candidates (the other two being Paul Serwatka and Dan Wilbrandt), Skillicorn has the least money in his campaign fund.

The lone female, McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield, has yet to report raising $5,000, the threshold for filing a campaign disclosure report.

Time spent campaigning can be used by lesser-funded candidates to compensate for money.

Skillicorn is holding a “you all come” GOP Presidential Debate Watching Party in Lake in the Hills on Thursday night. Details are here.


Skillicorn Knocking on CL Doors — 12 Comments

  1. I hope you meant the lone female and not the long female.

    Lol Cal.

    Sometimes you make my day.

  2. Well, she is tall, but I admit to a typo.

    Thanks, Citizen Editor, for pointing to the needed correction.

  3. (Not an editor – just an Englush majure)

    It happens to the best of us and you certainly are; but yours are usually funny.


  4. Cal went to a prestigious college out East, but he flunked proofreading!

  5. Skippy (as I like to refer to him as) is holding an event with Free Food and all anyone can comment on is Cal’s typos.

    And we should probably stop with the sexism of identifying candidates as ‘male’ and ‘female’.

    Who gives a damn whether a candidate pees standing up or sitting down.

    You don’t identify them by race do you? Of course not.

    Important thing to know is ‘Skippy’ couldn’t even get the Red Light Cameras stopped in his own district.

    That’s after having a slick video production, holding events and voters voting themselves money, people!!!

    He couldn’t do it.

    I’m sure he’s a nice enough guy but he’s an amateur and a joke among the Republican party.

    There’s a reason he has the least amount of money in his campaign fund.

    Whether or not he’s able to rai$e more or not, in the end, he will have the least votes.

  6. I disagree that females don’t have an advantage when they run for office.

  7. Whatsa matter Herby, not enough butter?

    Whatever it is, you would make an awesome “SCROOGE” at Christmas time.

    For future reference, no one will be calling you to come to any future Christmas parties, that is for sure…lol…

    You must be just so upset that McHenry Counties’ “WORLD FAMOUS JUDGE GORDY” has let the building!

    Bye, Herby.

  8. By the way everybody, Irene Napier did NOT endorse this clown.

    He’s a fraud.

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