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  1. Taxpayer dollars support Planned Parenthood.

    Taxpayer dollars support Obamacare / Medicare / Medicaid. Why do we need both?

    Maybe both Kirk and Durbin will be manning the booth.

    Why does Kirk run as a Republican?

  2. Abortions are not paid out of Federal funding so when the Republican congress voted to defund planned parenthood they voted to take health care away from people who cannot afford breast cancer screenings, uti treatment, birth control etc.

    Give someone birth control and the abortion rates go down because people do want to be responsible.

    Colorado teen birth rate went down with birth control.

    And how can Catholics be for war or for not funding children born to poor parents who chose not to abort if they don’t believe in abortion.

    Also with all of the abuse by Catholic priests, minsters etc it is like a pot calling the kettle black.

    Jesus said don’t judge.

  3. Karma you are delusional!

    It is such crap that comes out of people, mostly liberals, when they say if you defund planned parenthood that people can’t get services. Whether it be abortions, uti treatment, birth control etc..

    First off isn’t Obamacare suppose to cover a lot of these general services?

    Isn’t everyone suppose to be signed up for healthcare or you get fined! As far as your theory about birth control.

    Yes if women use it then of course they birth rate will go down. But what about personal responsibility!

    Does that ever ever come into play?!

    As far as Catholics or any other Church for that matter they all, and I mean all, give back to help the poor in one for or another!

    Go to any church talk to the priest, minister, etc.. and ask them what they do and I guarantee you they help.

    Whether it be for food, blankets for kids that are made by the congregation, help with utilities, help them get to a job, help them with education, and the list goes on and on. Now not all churches do everything but they always and I mean always help in some shape or form.

    Look at conservatives in general.

    There are many programs in our county that they give monetarily (outside of the church) and time.

    Toys for kids at Christmas time.

    Meals for families during Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    Meals that are given by the Salvation Army in the county get some of there funding from churches.

    And the kicker wow conservatives adopt as well! Now there are no and I mean no statistics that show if more liberals or conservatives adopt more but I know more conservatives that adopt than liberals!

    And I am friends with both sets.

    But then again Planned Parenthood is to big to fail to liberals!

    Churches and community organizations give counseling/support for women that are pregnant. No matter what there personal choice is. Are they biased of course they are but so is planned parenthood.

    The difference is planned parenthood gets federal money!

    But of course what you did was deflect what is going on at planned parenthood and that is the real issue!

    You know in your heart what they are doing is immoral and wrong!

    At least admit that!

    But of course it is like calling the kettle black isn’t it!


    You are fighting the wrong battle.

    Maybe MEN should have to pay if they impregnate a woman for the child and for the entire life of the child.

    Maybe MEN who rape need to be castrated, priests or not, along with incest.

    Maybe people should be ashamed that they handcuff mentally challenged children in schools but save the fetus to live a life of HELL as if they are the great decider and it is only GOD.

  5. Look up 42 USCODE 289 6-2 for just how illegal those “choice” advocates are.

  6. I am PRO LIFE and not the phony slogan the republicans use.

    Pro Life is what Netflix and Virgin Airlines is doing by giving every woman who has a child or adopts a child a year paid leave.

    That is Pro Life.

    Pro Life is not to be used as a campaign issue.

    Romney made money off of selling fetuses so where was he on pro life but he was your candidate.

  7. Also Obamacare does not cover poor women with no children or grown children in states where Republican governors refused to accept the federal funds.

    Look at what Rauner is doing now cutting social services and nutritionfor the poor but he is looking out for busniness.

    Shame on you.

  8. I am not fighting the wrong battle Karma!

    I think men should pay as well.

    They are just as responsible!

    But then again you deflect what is going on at Planned Parenthood!

    But again you have no idea what my stance is on incest, rape or any other innuendo that you throw out.

    Planned Parenthood should be defunded period!

    You want to have clinics for abortion etc. you and anyone else can give to that organization.

    Even though it shouldn’t be a 501c3 for abortions but under Obama I’m sure you can get it through!

    Have Soros fund it I am sure he would step up to the plate for you!

    But this thread is about Planned Parenthood so stick to this not side stepping the issue!

    But it appears that it is hard for you!

  9. Rauner is cutting funding for everyone!

    Why is that because everyone is going to feel the pain. Democrats ran this state into the ground!

    Now it comes back to bite everyone.

    Look at Detroit!

    Do you have any idea how much funding was taken away for the poor there?

    Almost everything!

    But looky looky Detroit is actually starting to rebound.

    They actually increased there manufacturing more compared to Chicago last year!

    You can’t, meaning Democrats, run something into the ground and expect no one to suffer!

    Quinn increased the tax on small businesses 66% to help fill a gap.

    But Quinn then turned around and gave tax breaks, some 0%, to Caterpillar, Chrysler, Mitubishi, and a few other big companies in Illinois.

    I guess Quinn and the Dems look out for business as well.

  10. So I guess what your saying is that poor people in Republican states don’t get any services what so ever.

    They can walk into a hospital still to this day and get free, yes free, healthcare. That is still in any state!

    Why don’t you look up Houston Tx. and if your poor look up the programs that are offered.

  11. Oh and your article on the Catholic Church.

    Well though I am not Catholic lets use your article.

    There are 17,644 Catholic Churches in the U.S. If 1 in every 50 have so called Pedophiles, which I am throughly against and should be in jail, that means that 350 Catholic Churches have Pedophiles.

    That is a roughly 2%.

    So there are just under 17,300 good Catholic Churches out there.

    Though 350 should be 0 that is a lot of good Catholic Churches that help out our society!

  12. Look another organization in McHenry County helping out the less fortunate.

    Leadership of McHenry County Thurs. Aug. 6th at The Cottage you can donate $16 to give a kid a backpack with school supplies!

    Oh and just so you know that has a lot of conservatives in that group!

  13. Planned Parenthood sells body parts of aborted babies.

    Hasn’t anyone seen the videos?

    If McHenry supports these people I’m not going………….

  14. Liberalism is nothing less than a death cult, as PP has proved beyond any doubt.

  15. Also I don’t give to Planned Parenthood but I think everyone should mind their own business.

    Life is hard enough without these groups videotaping and condemning organizations.

    As far as Texas is concerned read this.

    Also if poor can still go to hospital that mean all those insured and taxpayers are picking up their tabs and hospitals are not reimbursed for all.

    I am not sticking up for Obamacare but Republicans have mostly been presidents since the Vietnam war and what have they done for healthcare.

    I want Universal Healthcare for US citizens.

  16. Hey! Karma!

    You post: “Also I don’t give to Planned Parenthood”.

    This would mean that you do not pay any federal income tax?

  17. You do crack me up Karma!

    You can walk into any hospital and get free healthcare!

    Yes taxpayers are picking up the tab.

    Just like picking up the tab with there health insurance.

    But since they have a high deductible they go into get treated and then don’t pay there deductible because they can’t afford it.

    Now the Doctor has to eat the cost.

    Before Obamacare insurance was much more affordable!

    Was there some tweeking that needed to be done everyone agrees with that.

    Now you are going to have a shortage of Doctors because of Obamacare.

    Fleeing in droves and people are not going into the medical field because it’s just not worth it!

    But the biggest problem when healthcare started going down hill was when the Clinton’s were in office.

    I.E. HMO!

    Worst thing that ever started this mess!

    As far as Planned Parenthood it is ILLEGAL for them to sell any type of fetal material!

    That is FACT!

    If you want an abortion go get one just not on the Taxpayers.

    And yes you give to Planned Parenthood in your taxes.

    Your right groups from the Left shouldn’t be going around taping people especially the 1% right!

    Life is hard enough right!

    I mean wow you work your butt off and have a skill to make a lot of money but your a villain if you make to much!

    First place to look at if I was a Democrat is how much athletes and movie stars earn and start going after those 1%.

  18. You won’t have to worry when your older because by the time you wait to see a doctor under universal healthcare you will be dead from trying to get in to an appointment! LOL

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