Algonquin 7 Precinct Results

My precinct is number 7 in Algonquin Township.

Going through some stuff, I found the election results from last November’s election.

Before I file them I thought I post them.

Note the turnout.

Note the official turnout of 54%.  In 2012, the Presidential Election, 347 of 469 registered voters cast ballots.  The turnout was 74%.

Jim Obeweis won 54% of the vote in Algonquin 7, just he did countywide.

Bruce Rauner received 67.8% in Algonquin 7, a bit more than the 65.7% he received in McHenry County.


Note that all statewide Republican candidates, but Secretary of State candidate Michael Webster, won in the precinct.

For Attorney General, Lisa Madigan won McHenry County with 48.7%; Paul Schimpf received 48.2%.  Libertarian Ben Koyl pulled in the other 3%. In Algonquin 7, Republican Schimpf got 53%.

McHenry County's Republican candidate for She

McHenry County’s Republican candidate for Sheriff did much better in Algonquin 7 than he did countywide.

There was only one contest for countywide office.

The Democrats advanced no candidates.

Independent Jim Harrison challenged Republican McHenry County Sheriff’s nominee Bill Prim.  Prim took the precinct 66.4% to 33.6%, almost two to one.

Prim received 60.9% countrywide.

Judges need 60% to retain their seats.

All on the ballot got more than 85% in Algonquin 7.

Alg 7 11-14 Results 4

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