Nygren Bank Statements, etc., from 2006-12 Destroyed

Keith Nygren

Keith Nygren

New information finds that the 2006-2012 bank statements, ledgers and support documents were destroyed along with other jail documents.

Not to worry though.

Bill Prim

Bill Prim

The destruction was “accidental.”

For what it’s worth, that’s not what an anonymous letter to me said, however.

The letter said the destruction was deliberate on the part of former Sheriff Keith Nygren’s employees.

Sheriff Bill Prim has referred that destruction of records to outside law enforcement for investigation.

The County Jail records in question was managed at all times by Jail staff.




Nygren Bank Statements, etc., from 2006-12 Destroyed — 2 Comments

  1. Will be interested in hearing developments of this investgation.

    Governments destroying 2006 – 2012 financial records especially prior to a new incoming administration raises eyebrows.

    There are plenty of government documents that are routinely destroyed by governments.

    For example, governments have a policy regarding destruction of closed session minutes and many of those policies are not taxpayer friendly.

    While certain discussions in closed session need to be kept private unless a court order deems otherwise, there is plenty that could be released to the public but is not, in the forms of audio recordings, minutes, and notes.

    Way too many boards destroy 100% of the above after 18 months, releasing no minutes, recordings, or notes, giving boards too much power. Or the minutes that are released are so barebones or generic they are not very helpful, just listing board members present, maybe a public policy reference, the date and location of the meeting, not much else.

    So that is one way local control is by boards not taxpayers.

    This occurs in school districts and other state and local government, not just county.

    Illinois has a wide variety of laws that hinder taxpayer transparency, this being just one example.

    The policies, procedures, and rules all to often favor those in political power not the individual taxpayer.

    All too often no rule is broken, because the rules have been created and altered to benefit those in political power.

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