Nancy Gonsiorek Officially in County Board Race

A press release from Nancy Gonsiorek:

Nancy Gonsiorek Announces Run for County Board

Nancy Gonsiorek

Nancy Gonsiorek

Crystal Lake:  Nancy Gonsiorek announced her candidacy for McHenry County Board District 3.

Gonsiorek is a 20 year resident of District 3, which encompasses Nunda Township, northern Algonquin and southern McHenry Townships.

She cited her financial expertise, strong work ethic, and her proven team-building skills as exemplary credentials for the job.

Wheeler, Bary looking right talking calmState Representative Barbara Wheeler applauded Gonsiorek’s candidacy, stating,

“Nancy Gonsiorek has served our community well for many years as a District 47 School Board Member.

“I am thrilled that Nancy is seeking this privilege to represent the taxpayers of District 3.

“She is a smart, independent fiscal conservative and that is great for all of us.”

Gonsiorek is a Certified Public Accountant and is the managing partner of a McHenry County CPA firm providing audit and tax services to nonprofit organizations.

She has also served the community in many public sector roles.

She served as a Nunda Township Planning Commissioner and was one of the authors of the first Nunda Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Gonsiorek has been elected twice to the  District 47 Board of Education in Crystal Lake, where she has served as board vice president, chaired the finance committee, and she quickly developed a stellar reputation as the voice of the taxpayers.

I am very excited to bring my financial expertise to the McHenry County Board,” proclaims Gonsiorek, noting that the county board does not have a CPA among its members.

“As I walk my community, I am very aware that our residents are concerned for their property taxes and I know I am well-prepared to keep my eye on the ball!”


Nancy Gonsiorek Officially in County Board Race — 8 Comments

  1. What is the highest property tax rate she believes sustainable?

    I would answer 3%.

    At 3% property tax rate, a household earning median income cannot qualify for a conventional mortgage loan on a median priced home.

    (US median income $52,000.

    US median home value $180,000.

    Conventional loan terms: payments may not exceed 30% of income.)

    US average property tax rate is below 1.5%, so median earners can afford homes elsewhere.

    Woodstock property tax rate is 4.6% of home value.

  2. Susan?

    Searched a bit on taxes and came up with this analysis.

    What do you make of this? …

    Federal government takes in $17,955 Per worker in ONLY 10 months!

    Americans are the most taxed people on earth (when you consider they get zero in return, Europeans at least get a huge amount returned to them in the form of homes and other huge value items which make their high taxes irrelevant).

    Let me work this out to reality here:

    IF the Federal Government took $17,955 in only 10 months (10 month figure given to avoid the real truth – it is over $20,000 per year) the actual number per working American in federal income tax alone is $21,546. But it only starts there, because:

    After that amount is taken, there is Social Security taken in addition to this. And after social security, there is in almost all cases state tax taken.

    The exact average mean income in the U.S. is approximately $69,000 dollars annually.

    This is mixing the super rich with the poor.

    It does not mean most Americans make this much.

    Even at that, if you take $21,546 from that number, it means the Federal government alone is taking as an average, 31.2 percent of America’s income in FEDERAL TAX ALONE.

    Now here is where things get spooky:

    After taking 31.2 percent, social security takes 6.2 percent from the employee, and asks the employer to match it with another 6.2 percent.

    That is 12.4 percent.

    Add 12.4 percent to 31.2 percent and wow, now the Federal take is 43.6 percent, flat average.

    But it is a LOT worse than that, because after that, you are forced to buy Obamacare.

    That ought to push the total up to over 50 percent, (I am going to apply common sense in that case, because things vary too much).


    After Federal, Social security, and Obamacare, you have to pay state income tax in practically all cases. State income tax in America averages right around 6 percent, averaging population out between high, low and zero tax states.

    That puts America’s total tax burden at close to 56 percent.

    But it gets a lot lot worse than that.

    Because there are local taxes.

    Property taxes, Vehicle registration taxes, and sales taxes.

    These combined will easily push America’s median tax rates to over 65 percent, yep, you really can make it with a parasitic drain in excess of 60 percent but you will be in debt up to your eyeballs and life will be a stress farm . . . . . .

  3. GONZO voted for every tax hike while on the 47 School Board, no wonder RINO Wheeler is throwing this favorable quote.

    “I am thrilled that Nancy is seeking this privilege to represent the taxpayers of District 3.

    “She is a smart, independent fiscal conservative and that is great for all of us.”


    TRUTH IS: She would be a disaster to have representing the taxpayers as she is NOT fiscally conservative at all and that would be further problematic for all of us!


  4. Unless more honest conservatives step up and circulate petitions that can pass the unavoidable challenge by the established political elite, your choice for all offices will be people who call themselves whatever they want and then do the opposite once elected. (ran out of breath on that sentence!)

  5. Cautious voter I couldn’t have said it better myself..Don’t let a persons claims identify them politically..
    The proof is in the voting record and why they voted as they did.. This means that they took the time to learn about the issues and really work for the voter.

    Cindy great great recap..

  6. this is an objective standard to judge officeholders and office seekers; what is the highest property tax rate that you will support as not being damaging to your community?

    I have stated supportive rationale for 3% being the highest tax rate, above which the pool of potential home buyers is significantly diminished.

    Much of this county has a above 3% property tax rate.
    Woodstock has 4.6% tax rate.

    Ask every Board member of every taxing body what they each believe is the highest supportable property tax rate, and why.

  7. Gonsiorek has a real job, real accomplishments, and a real profession.

    Constrast that with Provenzano, who can’t hold a real job and the best job he ever had was as a coatholder at Snap-on.

  8. SHe has a history of personal and professional accomplishments- unlike most of the people supported here- who generally are out of work real estate agents or career politicians.

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