AFP Tax Freeze Phone Bank in Woodstock

Joe Monack

Joe Monack

A message from Joe and Karen Tirio:

While most are soaking up the sun, sleeping in late or perusing the local farmers market, several dedicated volunteers gather at Monarch Senior Care’s office in Woodstock to donate their time to Americans for Prosperity in order to help freeze property taxes in IL

The event is sponsored by Americans for Prosperity
The phone bank will be using Monarch Senior Care’s office at 234 Main St. Woodstock (across the street from the movie theater down toward the train station) for the session.
All electronics are supplied.
If you are available and want to do some good work, please consider joining us!
Donate as much or as little time as you can.
We will be holding the phone bank from 10 am1 pm.
Lunch will be provided!
Some gathered to survey local residents on whether they want a property tax freeze.

Some gathered to survey local residents on whether they want a property tax freeze.

Besides Joe Monack, others present include Cynthia Allen Schenk, Elaine Schenk, Chris Cannizzo, Joe & Karen Tirio (monarch senior care) and Andrew Nelms from Americans for Prosperity.


AFP Tax Freeze Phone Bank in Woodstock — 11 Comments

  1. For the record, I do not want a freeze, I want my property taxes lowered!

    Some townships did, why can’t the schools and the county?

    The conservation district just froze theirs but it should be lowered – their police department needs to go!!!

  2. Tirios need a reality check nothing good with freezing taxes but sounds good to most just another moron move when the taxes are already out of control

  3. Another record year for home sales in McHenry County.

    More people and businesses leaving the “Sanctuary City” Democrat controlled state of Hellinois for greener (low tax) states and taking their wealth with them.

    Smart people have seen this coming for sometime and are now taking action.

    Who wants to be among the last of the fools to leave ?

  4. Please note, as a senior citizen advocate, I noticed this information is being gathered by a agency.

    Which, I believe, means they are a for-profit company, which may mean they want your info for their own purposes.

    I encourage senior citizens to receive & contribute information to agencies.

    We have several great ones in McHenry County.

  5. The wife of a couple moving out of McHenry County brought two boxes of cans, jars and boxed goods to the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake’s and the Northern Illinois Food Bank’s food giveaway at Nunda Township on Friday morning.

  6. Stand4Truth, You admit that taxes are out of control but say we need a reality check?

    I’m certain Govt. is the one in need of a reality check?

    We’re told by elected officials to ‘live within our means’ while the cost of living goes up and income doesn’t keep up with inflation.

    When Govt wants to spend more, they just vote to increase their budget by raising our taxes.

    Residents of IL with average income can no longer finance average priced homes due to the high real estate taxes.

    We’re in the top 1% of owner occupied real estate taxes in the whole United States. (3144 counties)

    The ‘moronic move’ would be to accept this from our elected officials and not speak out or try to convince Govt. they have to lead by example and live within their means.

    Don’t you feel like the taxpayers of IL need a break-while forcing govt to live within the budget they currently have?

    Peachy Pie, Americans for Prosperity IS a .org.

    They don’t WANT Your information-they already have it and call those on the list to survey how constituencies feel about proposed bills.

    We were surveying those on the list as to whether they would support Gov Rauner’s proposal for a Real Estate Tax Freeze.

    I hope this helps.

  7. We people voiced their desire for lower taxs I encouraged them to say that on their voice mail I would be connecting them too.which was their state rep…it was a fantastic system.

    What was unbelievable was the apathy. .comments of:

    I don’t care,

    I don’t have time,

    not interested..

    who is not flipping interested in their taxs???

    Well I will tell you..the dummies of McHenry county.

    The reason Illinois is broke is because the public is lazy and ignorant.

    That’s why.

  8. Tirio
    You are on the MCC board what have you done to limit growth against our taxes. Just calling to see what people want is not going to make it happen. Rather, you need to take action with getting schools and colleges to lower there tax base, that is where the biggest portion of our tax bill comes from in Illinois. Just using all the buzz words doesn’t make your argument solid or have any substance. Getting back to the point of freezing taxes how can freezing it at the high point be a solid move forward.

  9. Stand4truth.

    Instead of talking come on and join us..

    I am on the library board in Marengo and I can tell you trying to get these other board members to think about saving and value to the taxpayer is NOT easy..

    know why?

    Because they have been allowed by the taxpayer to spend without explanation.

    Hope to see you at the next event.

  10. Stand4truth, we’re on the same side!

    I vote to save money/not increase spending whenever I can.

    Conservatives are (at present,) a minority on the board, but I will continue to vote to save money, vote against unneeded expansion, I voted against Prevailing Wage, and question the check ledger and question whether current programs are turning out students that will make a living (not minimum wage jobs).

    We welcome public comment at the beginning of the meetings. We would welcome your thoughts on limiting growth against our taxes.

    I PERSONALLY would welcome that!

    I am also part of a group that fought against the Artificial Turf project that was going to go in Woodstock’s 100 yr old H.S.

    It was a ridiculous project that did have a generous donor for a portion of it.

    It would have cost the taxpayers a lot to make up the difference and to maintain.

    Maybe I saw you at that meeting???

    Before running for MCC, We also fought against the county wide project known as the Randall Road Robbery- A continuous flow intersection, 4 pedestrian bridges, and 3.5 miles of unneeded frontage roads at Randall and Algonquin roads.

    Perhaps I saw you at the intersection when we protested????

    or at the county board meetings when we spoke against that?????

    Helped fight Cary on the Power Plant. Maybe we met there?????

    Approx. 70% of our Real Estate Taxes go to the school district. MCC is approx $300 on a $220K home. Next thing that will kill us is all these unneeded roads.

    If you have any concerns on unneeded projects, or proposed spending at the College please contact me. The Conservatives are voting conservatively. We are a minority. Would you be interested in running in 2 yrs?

  11. Okay, Karen, now that I see you are a proprietor of Monarch Senior Care, I understand why you took exception to my comment.

    I am just always suspicious of mixing what should be non-profit info gathering partnering with a for-profit company.

    I will take the high road and assume your company did this out of the goodness of their heart to provide a space & tools for information gathering, and that you did not benefit from this info.

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