Harvard Walmart Continues as Magnet for Thieves

This past week, the Walmart in Harvard drew three teens from Wisconsin and a woman from Chicago as a target for theft.


Harvard's Walmart

Harvard’s Walmart

On 08-08-15 at 1812 hrs, Harvard Police responded to Walmart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard regarding a Retail Theft that had just occurred. Upon investigating the incident three juveniles were arrested.

A Delevan Youth (m-16 yoa) was arrested for Retail Theft, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Alcohol by a minor, another Delevan Youth (m-16 yoa) was arrested for Retail Theft and Possession of Alcohol by a minor, and a Darien Youth (m-14 yoa) was arrested for Retail Theft and Possession of Alcohol by a minor. All the youths were released to parents and or a guardian and they were petitioned to court.


On 08-12-15 at 1719 hrs Harvard Police responded to WalMart, 21101 McGuire Rd, Harvard regarding the theft of a shopping cart. Kynasia R. Hughlett (f-18 yoa), 6447 S. Winchester Ave, Chicago was issued a Notice to Appear Citation under City of Harvard Ordinance for Retail Theft.

Hughlett was released at the scene with a court date of 09-21-15 at 1330 hrs.

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