Wilbrandt Picks Up $2,000

Dan Wilbrandt

Dan Wilbrandt

Running for State Rep. Mike Tryon’s seat, West Dundee Village Trustee Dan Wilbrandt has raised another $2,000.

That brings to $37,000 the total amount his campaign has taken in.

The money, in $1,000 amounts, came from

  • Robert Kaltwasser of Geneva
  • Richard Willrett of West Dundee

Both are retired.

The donations were made on July 27th.

Prior to this $2,000, the non-incumbents who are jousting for State Rep. Mike Tryon’s seat reported:

  • Allen Skillicorn – $15,352.53 (Raised $9,000 + $2,300 on July 1st, spent $1,000)
  • Paul Serwatka – $100,000 of his own money deposited on July 1st.
  • Dan Wilbrandt – $34,633.27 (Down from an original of $35,000)
  • Carolyn Schofield – Campaign fund cannot be found.  Registration is required when $5,000 is raised.

There have been no further contributions that have showed up on the Illinois State Board of Elections web site.

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