Thoughts about Challenging Jack Franks

A couple of comments from last week under the article

Senate Override of Rauner’s Veto Might Put Franks on Spot

gave thoughts about what it would take to beat Democrat Jack Franks.

Here’s one for “Priest”:

Republican candidate Bruce Rauner, who is expected to carry McHenry County, boosts the candidacy of State Rep. candidate Steve Reick, who is running against Democrat Jack Franks, in these billboards.

Republican candidate Bruce Rauner, who is expected to carry McHenry County, boosts the candidacy of State Rep. candidate Steve Reick, who is running against Democrat Jack Franks, in these billboards. Rauner, of course, could put cash on the line to beat Democrat Jack Franks.

I read in an earlier post a comment stating something like if any opponent of Franks brought a million dollars Franks would just bring two million.

The presumption being money is the final arbiter of who wins and who loses a political campaign.

The reality is there is a law of diminishing returns in any campaign.

Ultimately Frank’s area is too small to warrant unlimited spending.

There are only so many mailers, commercials and paper ads one can buy to some positive effect.

Eventually the person running actually must have something to say and some way to convey they are the best vessel to carry off their vision.

Mike Madigan's little minions are sad.

Mike Madigan’s little minions are sad.

Franks is a proven craven minion of any and all wealthy and powerful people who will help him.

Were the right person to run with a beginning budget of 150k and the ability to garner 50-100k more the race would yield a Franks loss.

If you are thinking of running against Jack Franks know there would be a minimum of two excellent goals accomplished even in a loss.

If the campaign were serious and had a humble charismatic leader Franks would have to respect the challenge which would pin down his whole campaign fund keeping it from doing further damage to the county and our state.

If a campaign were serious and had a humble charismatic leader the full extent of Franks depravity could be exposed to his historic supporters which would further erode any possible support he may expect for other political aspirations.

Be the right person and garner a reasonable investment of serious political supporters and Franks will no longer hold a seat downstate, or anywhere.

You don’t need to be intimidated by a budget Franks can’t even fully use.

Given that Franks was knocking on doors for next year’s election a couple of months ago, I’d say that the incumbent knows he is vulnerable.

Another comment came from :Skeptic”:

O'Neill 1st Hit Piece post card address

Those running against Jack Franks have to expect hit pieces like this one from an untraceable source attacking John O’Neill.  The State Board of Elections complaint was filed by a Johnsburg woman with a Franks campaign sign in her front yard.  She didn’t show up for the hearing.

Franks can be beaten. Dr. Salvi was a strong candidate who didn’t get the full support of Al Jourdan along with the “club” because he was conservative.

Franks also fooled the hard right candidates to support Franks – so it was a struggle politically at the time.

As I recall, at the time there were two factions in the McHenry County Republican Party and there were still egos that couldn’t get along.

Franks has been very afraid of Salvi running against him since then.

But I haven’t seen Salvi involved in politics since that election.

O’Neal did a great job last time despite being sabotaged by the local Republican Party and the press.

He should try again.

In any case, Rauner should fund a candidate who can beat Franks.

Franks is a fraud…..and even his supporters know this.


Thoughts about Challenging Jack Franks — 11 Comments

  1. It would take a lot more than 150k and a good candidate to beat Franks.

    First off, any potential opponent would have and should have started their campaigning this last winter and no one has begun to go door to door in the same way that Serwatka is ramping up his efforts to make a push for the statehouse.

    Also, Franks’ name identification is probably north of 90% in McHenry County.

    Getting over that hump as a challenger would be very hard and there are only a handful of Republicans who could garner the attention, but who also stand to lose more than to gain in entering a race against Franks.

    Second, Franks record is essentially impenetrable to direct attacks and caters to the right crowd in McHenry County.

    The majority of his critics (on this blog especially) are social conservatives and even when Cal tries to create a Skinnerchurian Candidate in Tonya Franklin or John O’Neill to oppose Franks, they normally fall flat.

    Less voters will choose to support a candidate who is in opposition to abortion and same sex marriage as the voting electorate is more concerned with larger issues like the economy, or taxes.

    It’s why we won’t ever have Mike Huckabee, Haley Barbour or – sorry – Scott Walker as a President.

    Tonya and O’Neill’s records can be twisted as anti-women and then POOF goes their chance of being elected.

    The truth is, despite whiners like Skeptic and Priest crying foul that Franks belies the public, the truth is, the McHenry County Public at large stand closer to Franks’ rhetoric concerning limited government (county or state), limiting tax increases, balancing the budget and introducing common sense government consolidation (and that’s even if it is just lip service at times).

    Sure, you folks may find one or two instances in the past where Franks’ record doesn’t match his rhetoric, but try creating a mailer or attack piece or whole campaign around an election time that REALLY compels people have a second thought about Jack and said mailer/campaign doesn’t involve calling him Chainsaw Jack, or Drano Jack or whatever cherry picked pain point you can pull from his political history.

    In conclusion, you can hate he is a Democrat, but at the end of the day Franks really is a good Representative for McHenry County and you will be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

    As a banker, business man, lawyer and public servant, he probably has the most complete and macro understanding of McHenry County amongst all our public servants and add the fact that he is a well connected State Rep means all the more he has the capacity to help McHenry County greater than any single opponent the McGOP may be able to field.

    In my opinion, I put the Person over the party and that’s why, even though I voted for Joe Walsh and John McCain, Jack is consistently the only Democrat I vote for.

  2. The bill is Senate Bill 1229 (SB 1229) in the 99th General Assembly.

    Senate Bill 1229 is a very significant bill for many reasons.

    First, as a refresher, in the words of Governor Rauner’s press release, Senate Bill 1229 would, …”amend the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act to replace collective bargaining with binding interest arbitration.”

    Binding interest arbitration in this case is a method of settling disputes between an employer and a labor organization.

    Binding interest arbitration is currently permissible in Illinois to resolve labor impasses between a government employer and bargaining unit in two situations.

    1. Bargaining units that are not allowed to strike, such as police, fire, and peace officers.

    2. As a means to conclude an initial agreement with bargaining units that are allowed to strike, if the bargaining unit has less than 35 non public safety employees.

    The latter is the result of Public Act 96-0598 signed by Pat Quinn.

    Seyfarth Shaw Attorneys
    First Contract Interest Arbitration Now Applies To Illinois Non-Public Safety Employees

    Illinois General Assembly
    Public Act 096-0598 / Senate Bill 1715 Enrolled

    Illinois General Assembly
    Bill Status of SB 1715 in the 96th General Assembly

    Thus SB 1229 in the 99th General Assembly changes the negotiating rules between the employer and organized labor.

    The employer being the State of Illinois.

    Organized labor being the public sector union bargaining unit, which the State of Illinois calls a Recognized Certification (RC) unit.

    This draws attention to a very significant point, which is state labor laws vary significantly amongst the states.

    Illinois already has very labor friendly labor laws.

    Most Illinois state labor is already provided by a union member, be it a state employee, contractor, or sub-contractor.

    To reign in state labor costs resulting from past generous collective bargaining agreement hikes, the agreements need to be negotiated in a competitive fashion.

    For example of past generous collective bargaining agreement hikes, consider one public sector labor union, AFSCME:

    Illinois Policy Institute
    Contract With Top Union Yields Big Payouts for State Workers
    Justin Hegy
    August 19, 2014

    A House Representative’s vote to override the Governor’s veto of Senate Bill 1229 could become a campaign issue in the March 15, 2016 General Primary election or the November 8, 2016 General Election, as SB 1229 impedes the ability of the Governor to achieve cost savings in union labor contract negotiations, and many taxpayers believe their taxes are already high enough or too high.

    It’s pretty evident that AFSCME and the Democrat politicians which AFSCME principally backs favor interest arbitration, at least for four years, to resolve disputes between organized labor and the Governor.

    Regarding the scope of collective bargaining in Illinois state government.

    The number of state collective bargaining agreements is eye opening.

    Here is a list of labor organizations with which the state of Illinois has signed a labor agreement.

    This is state only, and does not include local.

    The tag at the end of the union name indicates how the unions are affiliated and organized with one another, as described in the following two categories of interstate and intrastate affiliations.

    Interstate affiliations between disparate labor organizations
    AFL-CIO = American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations.
    CtW = Change to Win – includes Teamsters, SEIU, a few others
    CLC = Canadian Labour Congress

    Intrastate affiliations within a parent labor organization
    IFT/AFT = (Illinois Federation of Teachers /American Federation of Teachers)

    Here’s the list.

    All or nearly all of the unions are listed, but there are several additional bargaining units within a union.

    AFSCME Council 31 – American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO

    AFT Local 4408 – IFPE – Illinois Federation of Public Employees – AFL-CIO

    AFT Local 919 – Illinois Federation of Teachers, AFT, AFL-CIO (Illinois School for the Deaf)

    Bakers – BCTGM – International Union of Bakery, Confectionery and Tobacco Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC

    Boilermakers – International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders, Blacksmiths, Forgers and Helpers, AFL-CIO / CLC

    Bricklayers – BAC – International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craft Workers, AFL-CIO / CLC – Bricklayers

    Carpenters – UBC – United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, CLC (disaffiliated from AFL-CIO)

    FOP – Fraternal Order of Police – Conservation Police / Game Warden

    IBEW – International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, AFL-CIO, CLC

    IAMAW – International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, AFL-CIO / CLC

    IUOE – International Union of Operating Engingeers, AFL-CIO

    Laborers – LiUNA – Laborers’ International Union of North America, AFL-CIO

    Laborers Local 2002 – LiUNA – Illinois State Employees Association (ISEA) – AFL-CIO

    MAP Chapter 294 – Metropolitan Alliance of Police – Department of Corrections

    Nurses – INA – Illinois Nurses Association, ANA (American Nurses Association)

    Painters – IUPAT – International Union of Painters and Allied Trades, AFL-CIO

    Plumbers & Pipefitters – UA – United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States, Canada, AFL-CIO

    Roofers – RWAW – United Union of Roofers Waterproofers and Allied Workers, AFL-CIO

    SEIU Local 1, Firemen & Oilers Division – Service Employees International Union, CTW

    SEIU Healthcare IL / IN –- Childcare Providers & Personal Assistants

    SEIU Local 73 – Service Employees International Union, CTW

    SMWIA – Sheet Metal Workers International Association, AFL-CIO, CLC

    Teamsters, CtW

    UFCW – United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, AFL-CIO (re-affiliated in 2013 after 8 years with CTW)

    So that’s about 20 union labor agreements which the Governor of Illinois negotiates with a labor union.

    Thus this SB 1229 potentially impacts many negotiations.

    These labor agreements make a big different in the cost of state government, as they include salary, some benefit, work rules, and more.

    Roughly around 1/3 of state government cost is said to be salary and benefits.

    So that’s a lot of tax dollars.

    As an example of what might happen in interest arbitration, here are some interest arbitration awards in Illinois at the local level.

    Interest Arbitration Awards
    Illinois Labor Relations Board

    Senate Bill 1229 is not taxpayer friendly.

    The state finances are a train wreck and organized labor already has considerable negotiating power.

    Making the Governor’s job more difficult to negotiate with organized labor is not justified at this time.

    So this is a significant bill at an important time in the states’s history and how the State Representatives vote on this bill could say a lot about their view of what is necessary to restore the state to fiscal stability, and their allegiance to organized labor.

    It’s expected to be a close vote.

  3. If you want the values of McHenry county and not Cook county then you understand why we need a better and true state rep than Jack.

    He has been able to play both sides very well but until now, with Rauner he is going to be shown for the Madigan pocket vote he is.

    We had a good guy give it a shot last time and Steve Reick did close that gap without a lot of money or the support he should have had.

  4. Farmer, people sold out McHenry County when farmers were greedy and sold to Walmart and Target and Meijer and when McHenry approved all the new subdivisions and home rule but say why is there so much expense.

    With progress the taxpayers always pay for it.

  5. If a Republican State Rep. votes for AFSCME’s bill’s override, then Jack can vote “No” and be off the hook.

  6. The House Vote on SB 1229, prior to the Rauner Veto, was 67 Yeas, 25 Nays, 3 Present, 18 Not Voting including Jack Franks, and 5 Excused, for a total of 118 votes.

    Don’t be deceived by the name of the bill, Interstate Medical Licensure, which has nothing to do with the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act.

    Interstate Medical Licensure was the original name of the bill, and instead of killing it and introducing another bill, the Springfield Sausage Factory in a not unusual procedure simply deleted the contents of the bill except the title.

    Of course a person skimming through a list of bills and their titles would never know SB1229 Interstate Medical Licensure is actually about the Illinois Public Labor Relations Act.

    But the General Assembly does nothing about changing the practice.

  7. Anyone else think Jack is lobbying seriously to have a Republican vote in favor of the override?

    If you are represented by a Republican in Springfield, I suggest you contact him / her and request a NO vote for the override.

    If you are in Jacks’ district it would not hurt to call his office and reinforce a NO vote.

  8. Great analysis Wow.

    It is the very beginning of a nascent understanding of politics and the animals which inhabit the realm.

    We don’t disagree on name recognition, his record of votes being fairly balanced or that he’s a Democrat.

    You got all of those right.

    The amount of money for any campaign is merely a function of how many volunteers with what type of talent or goods will work for you as a candidate so, of course, it is subjective.

    A campaign against Franks will cost more than 150k.

    That is the beginning, not the end of what will be needed for money.

    You have, however, not understood politics in Illinois well.

    I am very encouraged you show yourself to be waking up, involved and you enjoy commenting on this blog.

    These are all wonderful for your future understanding.

    Keep it up!

    Franks, however, is damaged by the fact he has never been, is not and likely will never be his own man.

    He is a kept man in the household of Mike Madigan enslaved entirely to the whims of a very brilliant politician.

    When you grow beyond a cult of personality vote for Walsh, or McCain, or Franks you will learn to look at the person you vote for and from where their motivations come.

    Children like people without any analysis of who they are or what their behavior belies.

    Ignorant people in politics follow a person because they like them without any understanding of who they are or what their behavior belies.

    I encourage you to keep getting involved.

    Keep voting!

    You’re ahead of 80% of the rest of our society just by doing this small thing.

    As you continue, however, please take a moment to read what Mark has posted.

    He has given you excellent directions to start looking at whether what you believe the Franks you voted for is doing is what the actual Franks is doing.

    There is much much more but, as usual, Mark has incisively offered the beginning.

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