St. Thomas Plans Haiti Benefit

A press release concerning the work St. Thomas does in Haiti:


September 19, St. Thomas the Apostle Church Community Center – Doors Open at 6 p.m.

Father Jerome Father Koutnik teaching

Father Jerome Father Koutnik teaching at Louverture Cleary School in Haiti.

St. Thomas the Apostle Church sent several mission groups to Haiti to build awareness and raise money for a Catholic school that excels in creating leaders to build a better future for Haiti.

The Haitian Project’s Louverture Cleary School (LCS)is a Catholic, tuition free, secondary boarding school outside Port au Prince, Haiti for academically talented and motivated students from Haitian families who cannot afford the cost of their children’s education.

Rather than focusing on relief, the school invests in long-term, sustainable solutions for the people of Haiti. St. Thomas has chosen to assistHaiti in its struggle to rise out of poverty through LCS which provides young people with the exact tool they need to rebuild their country: an education.

The school prepares the youth of Haiti to become future leaders in their community, working to rebuild their country from within.

This September 19th, St. Thomas the Apostle is hosting the annual Big Get Together to raise money and awareness for The Haitian Project and its Louverture Cleary School.

In addition, the evening will center on the unique beauty of Haiti, delicious Haitian cuisine, and the tropic island sounds of local talent, Potts and Pans will be the background of a truly memorable evening.

Please join us for a fundraising dinner and art auction Saturday, September 19th at St, Thomas the Apostle Church at Oak Street, Crystal Lake.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Dinner tickets are $40 per person with a cash bar.

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