Township Consolidation Meeting with Proponents in the Fore

“If it’s the same [testimony as given at the previous two meetings], I want you to know that we’ve heard it,” McHenry County Board member Carolyn Schofield and Township Consolidation Task Force head told the audience last Tuesday morning.

Those present, again mainly people with a personal interest in preserving township government, complied.

Kyle, Rogene

Rogene Kyle

Rogene Kyle from Alden Township (whose name I did not catch) was first to speak.

She told how McHenry County’s smallest township had 1,026 people in 1840 and had grown 347 by the 2010 Census.

She described her township as “the gem of McHenry County, secluded, wooded and green,” encouraging those who wished to abolish it to “drive Alden Township to see what you’re voting [to abolish].

The woman said she didn’t understand why proponents of consolidation wanted to take “a broad paint brush” to change township lines.

“I don’t want anything to change.

“Every scenario that was presented means an increase in taxes.”

Eileen Marhoefer

Eileen Marhoefer

Republican Precinct Committeeman Eileen Marhoefer told of making phone calls and sending emails to friends and constituents asking whether they wanted the County Board to allow a vote on township consolidation.

Of 27 called, twenty “felt they should have the right to vote.”

The remaining seven were left messages.  (Of those, six have now replied they were in favor.  One was opposed.)

“They do not feel that anyone has the right to muzzle them,” she said.

Lisa Ryan, also of Crystal Lake, took the floor next.

Lisa Ryan

Lisa Ryan

“We all have questions and concerns about the townships.

“We let County Board members know how we feel about the issue.

“We really need the facts and I would like to see it on the ballot.

“I called all twenty-four Board members.

“They always say, ‘Call me any time you want.'”

Ryan explained that all the County Board members she was able to talk to were very pleasant and respectful whether they agreed with her not.

She told of calling one Board member and getting “her spouse.”

After telling him what she was calling about, he “told me I was nuts, that he didn’t agree with me and hung up on me.

“For somebody to hang up on me…

“I am angry…

“I think that was so out of place.”

She did not reveal the name of the man who hung up on her, but said she would be happy to tell anyone after the meeting.

It turns out that it was County Board member Anna May Miller’s husband, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller.

Bob Miller is at the far end of the front row in the blue shirt.

Bob Miller is at the far end of the front row in the blue shirt.

Miller has been leading the opposition to the consolidation effort and was sitting in the front row of the room.

= = = = =
The County Board will hear the Task Force’s report at Tuesday’s meeting starting at 9 AM.

More coming.


Township Consolidation Meeting with Proponents in the Fore — 12 Comments


    That’s hilarious that Bob Miller hung up on a constituent.

    First of all, guess he’s not the nice guy he wishes people thought he was, furthermore, his empire is threatened!

    His family is the one in Algonquin Township that is costing Taxpayers the most in the county!

    He hired his wife/county board member as his secretary for $90K a year plus benefits.

    What must HE be making if his secretary is making $90K????

    Then there are all their kids!


    ‘nice or not’ they’re costing you money and lots of it!!!

  2. Bob miller was hand-picked by all 17 mchenry county road commissioners as their representative.

    This is the face they’ve chosen to put on their opposition to consolidation.

    He represents their self-serving interest with the purpose of intimitating the task force and keeping the issue from the voters.

    Not a pretty picture.

    Anna Mae miller should be excused from voting on the issue because of a huge conflict of interest.

  3. The problems with Twhs and all go agencies,and those we elect is we aren’t paying enough attention to.

    Just as sad is the fact they run unopposed so often.

    No matter what happens with the consolidation movement, I’d hope the opposition to Bob Miller would finally run somebody against him.

    If ya don’t, aren’t ya just whiners worth hanging up on?

  4. Nob – whiners do nothing but whine.

    This lady took time and effort to inform herself and make a decision and act.


  5. From what i understand this Miller family is on the tax payer gravy train..

    What is wrong with the voters who re-elect these board members..

    come on committeemen we need to really get busy and connect with the voters and get rid of people who are not professional and doing their job in a way that benefits the taxpayer.

  6. To the Nob: It’s easy to say but he’s got over $77,000. in his coffers.

    Who has that kind of money to pony up or who would donate to someone running against him when he’s got the crooked unions running to give him more money to protect their interests?

    No one.

    They are scheisters but they have all the support/resources/endorsements/
    campaigners and cash to go any poor or not so poor schlubb that would run against him.

    We aren’t whining, we’re out and out Crying, because it’s sending us to the poorhouse.

    The voters don’t have opposition to Miller so he (they) keep getting elected.

    Allen Schenk-yes they are all on the gravy train.

    Trouble is no one has the money/support/ to go against him. (them)

    He may do his job and do it well with the roads, but he and his whole clan are on the payroll.

    And he shouldn’t be hanging up on constituents.

    The BEST THING would be if they did consolidate and he was ousted.

    I don’t know if that’s how that consolidation would work though.

  7. Paul Serwatka showed how to overcome the established candidate support.

    He did it as a write-in.

    It takes a lot of work but it can be done without a lot of money.

  8. Someone please tell the lady from Alden that abolishing a township does not mean wiping it from the face of the earth. The pretty hills and trees will still be there.

    On another point, what if consolidation succeeds and the people you most loathe stay in power, now in charge of even bigger budgets with which they can do the things you dislike?

    Since you say they have the political machines, they should welcome the opportunity.

    The answer is dividing townships into ever-smaller units.

    If the original size was based on horse and buggy travel, let’s modernize.

    Make the townshiplets no wider or longer than the distance the average county board member could run without collapsing.

    Quarter mile or less.

    All the little blowhard Napoleons can be in charge of something.

    But they will not get our money, because they’ll be required to collect their taxes personally, visiting door-to-door.

    If townships are so great, more will be better.

  9. Serwatka must have spent less than $5,000 for the Lakewood village race because he did not file a campaign disclosure report with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

  10. FYI, if the person is rambling on and will not take no for an answer, just keep talking is that what you are saying?

    There is no point where conversion is senseless?

    No requested service is out of line?


  11. Martin, just tuned in…thanks for adding a touch of humor today and with your remarks on 8/28.

    You aptly point up the ridiculousness of twp gov.

    And the people who believe they can’t survive if anything about it is changed.

    I believe majority still rules and will accept the majority decision on the ballot.

  12. If you have an awful and disrespectful elected official in your community, you stand up to him (or her) and VOTE THE LITTLE TIN GOD OUT OF OFFICE.

    Unless of course you’re spineless, in which case your solution is to take away everyone’s rights and local control and limited government so that BIG government can come in and “solve” your problems for you.

    Guess which dynamic we’re seeing on Gottemoeller’s McHenry County Township Consolidation Circus..?

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