Tribune Ad Targets Sente

A full-page ad on the back page of Sunday’s Chicago Tribune tries to convince people to call State Rep. Carol Sente to urge her to vote against Senate Bill 1229, the legislation that would strip Governor Bruce Rauner of collective bargaining power with AFSCME, the union representing most state employees.

Sente ad top 8-3015Sente ad bottom 8-30-15This ad comes on top of the Tribune editorial aiming at Democrats, including McHenry County’s Jack Franks, whom the Tribune editorial board thinks might be pealed off from House Speaker Mike Madigan’s 71-vote majority.

Of course, if any Republicans vote for the veto override, as one did in the Illinois State Senate, the Governor will have to find more than one Democrat who will not vote for the override.

The ad is sponsored by the Illinois Policy Institute.


Tribune Ad Targets Sente — 2 Comments

  1. I live in Sente’s district.

    I hope a conservative will run against her.

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