Tribune Targets Franks

The Chicago Tribune had a big editorial Sunday urging so-called “Independent” Democrats:

Don’t cave to Madigan

Why Independent House Democrats should put taxpayers first

FRanks Trib 8-30-15 Collective Bargaining Call OUIncluded in the editorial was the following about State Rep. Jack Franks:

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Two other Democrats, Jack Franks of Marengo and Andre Thapedi of Chicago, didn’t vote on the bill in May.

Like [Carol] Sente, Franks has been an independent voice, as has former prosecutor Scott Drury of Highwood.

Franks and Drury [Franks announcing his vote after Drury, the deciding 71st needed vote, made his announcement] helped kill Madigan’s proposal last year to tax millionaires.

The editorial then says that Republicans are expected to be unified against the bill.

That remains to be seen and in doubt because on Senate Republican voted to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s Veto on Senate Bill 1229, the collective bargaining bill that would allow an arbitrator to decide whether to select the union’s position of Rauner’s.


Tribune Targets Franks — 3 Comments

  1. He won’t do the right thing by the taxpayers.

    He’ll fall in line just like a good little lap dog!

    Who can we get to possibly run against him that would have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning?

    People say they want change, but how would a principled candidate get support when media / politicians can so easily be bought?

    No one supports candidates that are ‘the right people’.

    Unfortunately they support candidates who can ‘do something for them’.

    That’s politics and it’s dirty.

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