17 Illinois Counties with More Registered Voters than Residents

There are seventeen counties in Illinois with more registered voters than residents.

Vote and the choice is yours.  Don't vote and the choice is theirs.  Register or you have no choice.

Vote and the choice is yours. Don’t vote and the choice is theirs. Register or you have no choice.  

That probably won’t surprise many, but Illinois is not alone, according to The Public Interest Legal Foundation as found in the PJ Tattler.

The ones in Illinois follow:

Franklin County Illinois 190%
Pulaski County Illinois 176%
Washington County Illinois 150%
Henderson County Illinois 148%
Union County Illinois 138%
Rock Island County Illinois 133%
Alexander County Illinois 130%
Massac County Illinois 125%
Hardin County Illinois 119%
Mercer County Illinois 109%
Crawford County Illinois 109%
Wabash County Illinois 105%
White County Illinois 104%
Jersey County Illinois 104%
Jefferson County Illinois 102%
Sangamon County Illinois 101%
Scott County Illinois 101%

McHenry County Clerk Mary McClellan has recently sent out new registration cards to everyone. About 20% were returned as underlivable, which gives her the opportunity to remove them from the voter rolls.

Want to guess how many are controlled by the Democratic Party?


17 Illinois Counties with More Registered Voters than Residents — 9 Comments

  1. Federal election law results in a cumbersome / lengthy / time consuming process to remove people as registered voters.

    Most County Clerks are hesitant to remove anyone from a registered voter as they FEAR the power of the U.S. Attorney General who is not hesitant in issuing charges of “voter intimidation”.

    I have often wondered:


    The other question I have is:

    Was there consideration made for ‘INACTIVE voters’ when the voter lists used in the calculations of registered voters versus adults in the community?

    For example, WA had a law to exclude ‘inactive’ voters from voter list totals but the law was not followed:


    According to 11 CFR 9428.2 (d) [Title 11 — Federal Elections; Chapter II — Election Assistance Commission; Part 9428 — National Voter Registration Act (42 U.S.C. 1973gg-1 Et Seq.); Subpart A — General Provisions], the term inactive voters means “registrants who have been sent but have not responded to a confirmation mailing sent in accordance with 42 U.S.C. 1973gg-6(d) and have not since offered to vote.”

    You may want to read how ‘inactive’ voter names are used for voter fraud: http://watchdog.org/58510/co-voter-rolls/

    Next year if you are going to be 18 or older on Election Day in November and you are NOT registered to vote OR your status is ‘INACTIVE’ you will be able to walk into your precinct voting site on ELECTION day and VOTE.

    Every precinct in Illinois must be able to support SAME DAY voting.

    In addition, remember that you do not have to prove you are a legal citizen, you simply have to state that you are.

  2. Forgot to mention there could be a lot more Counties with more registered voters then people of eligible voting age due to the fact that all census statistics include illegal aliens.

    In other words, the population of voting age residents eligible to vote is grossly inflated in states like Illinois (sanctuary).

    BTW about 46% of the illegal alien population came here legally (visas) but just never left when they were supposed to.

    Laws were passed to monitor visa holders who do not leave but they are not enforced just like our laws against illegal border entry are not being enforced.

    However, let your dog run free and County Animal Control will likely be in your driveway.

    Let your dog registration expire and Animal Control will likely by in your driveway.

  3. All hogwash.

    Once you register to vote, no one unregisters.

    Back in the seventies I received a forwarded post card for jury duty in a county I had long since abandoned by a multiplier of five.

    For many years in McHenry County whenever I voted I was always asked which first name I was when I told them my last name.

    They had my son’s name on the roll.

    Getting tired of the question, I finally told them he hadn’t lived in this county in over eighteen years.

    They said ok and took him of the roll.

    Does this mean I am still registered in at least five counties?

    I guess I’m not voting enough.

  4. Of those 17 counties, President Obama only won 4 in 2012.

    Rock Island, Mercer, Henderson, and Alexander, so 13 (76%) of them are “Republican” counties.

    The real answer is it is relatively easy to register to vote, but no one un-registers.

    Also, I’d imagine the clerks of those counties probably aren’t going around as diligently to check voter registrations against death records, registries in other counties, etc.

    The vote totals for those counties (and nationwide) corresponds to the number of people living in those counties.

    It is a housekeeping issue on the part of those County Clerks, but it doesn’t insinuate any fraud, as much as Cal would like it to.

  5. Don’t tell me Crook County didn’t make this list and expect me to believe it …

  6. in 2012 in Alexander County, there were 3495 ballots cast for President. http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/results/president

    Based on the 2010 census (and this article) http://qctimes.com/news/local/government-and-politics/elections/voter-numbers-out-of-whack-in-alexander-county/article_fe9bef0c-c05e-11df-9170-001cc4c03286.html

    There were about 7100 people over 18 in Alexander County.

    So basically 50% of eligible voters turned out to vote.

    Turnout nationwide in 2012 was 62.3% http://bipartisanpolicy.org/library/2012-voter-turnout/

    If the number of ballots cast were higher than the number of people over 18 in the county, than I would agree with you, but it isn’t.

    Statistically less people as a percentage voted in Alexander County than voted nationwide.

    Now the County Clerk has to get their act together and update their voter rolls, but that doesn’t mean there is fraud, it just means that the County Clerk isn’t doing their job and maybe they need to elect a new one.

  7. That was a case of fraud, but of another type than you were implying.

    Paying a legitimate registered voter to vote a certain way is illegal, but is far different from the ballot box stuffing that has become the old running gag about Chicago (regardless of its accuracy).

    Both ballot stuffing and paying people to vote are illegal (rightfully so) but it is a fine line between (for example) a candidate promising financial things for votes (like lower taxes) which is perfectly legal.

    Or a church driving its members to the polling place and reminding them to consider whom the church would vote for with a wink (which is questionably illegal) and giving them cash and saying vote for candidate X (which is explicitly illegal).

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