Abolition of Belleville Township One Step Closer

The Bellevile News-Democrat is reporting that Governor Bruce Rauner has signed House Bill 6393.

It will allow Belleville Township to be dissolved.

Duties will be taken over by the Belleville City Council, if the township board approves a resolution to abolish the township, whose boundaries are the same as the city’s.

The only thing the township duty, according to Trustee Joy Schreiber, is General Assistance.

The last audited year, the township gave away $84,000 in General Assistance and spend $90,000 on “other public service and safety programs,” as the audit puts it.

Total cost for operating township government that year was $448,691.

Read this year’s budget here.

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Some may remember that I proposed that Lakewood and Crystal Lake form a new Crystal Lake Township.

That would require the McHenry County Board’s permission.

Crystal Lake Township

Boundaries of a proposed Crystal Lake Township.

After formation, the new Township of Crystal Lake would have the same boundaries as Crystal Lake and Lakewood.

Then, local residents and officials could petition the Illinois General Assembly for permission to abolish the new Township of Crystal Lake either by resolution of the new Township Board or by referendum, as Evanston Township voters did.

My proposal would have the County Supervisor of Assessments do the assessments. There isn’t enough General Assistance to worry about and, of course, there would be no township roads.

And for those who will surely point out again that Crystal Lake Township taxpayers would no longer be paying for the only mandated township function left–assessments–here are two points:

  • those in unincorporated areas are now subsidized for their police protection by Crystal Lake and Lakewood property taxpayers
  • the Village of Lakewood and the City of Crystal Lake could pay for the assessment function


Abolition of Belleville Township One Step Closer — 11 Comments

  1. Belleville like Evanston Twh consolidation make fiscal sense as they share the same borders.

    Cal, why not consolidated municipalities of CL and LW, get rid of the politicians that would be dead weight, and just hire your own assessments staff?

  2. If those in the unincorporated area are willing to pay for your own police protection.

  3. Being a former dweller in an unincorporated area of CL…our police protection was provided McHenry County Sheriff’s office.

    There was no extra burden on CL municipality.

    Combining CL & LW would be great for CL but a bad deal for LW.

    If CL & LW were combined do you think LW taxes would go up or down or remain the same.

    Considering that CL tax rates are higher, LW residents would pay MORE municipal taxes.

  4. Look at your map — what happens to all those unincorportated islands withing the borders of Crystal Lake and Lakewood?

    Talk about creating a crazy township boundary!

  5. The Sheriff’s Department’s Police are financed by taxpayers throughout McHenry County, whether they live in incorporated or unincorporated areas.

    I am not suggesting combining Lakewood and Crystal Lake except for the purposes of forming a new township…which might then be abolished.

  6. The sheriff’s department also works within the municipal borders.

    To say they only work in unincorporated is waltzing.

  7. I pay for my Lakewood police protection.

    Are you willing to pay for the full cost of sheriff’s police protection of unincorporated areas?

  8. A coterminous township is one that is contained within a single municipality.

    Not a township that contains multiple municipalities.

    By Cal’s “logic,” counties should be abolished if significant tracts of their territory consist of cities and villages…which is pretty much every county in northern Illinois…

  9. Each bill allowing the abolition of coterminous townships was unique to the locality.

    One allowing the abolition of a newly-formed Crystal Lake Township could be, too.

  10. We all already pay the full cost of sheriff’s police protection in unincorporated areas.

    There is not one square inch of county that is not covered by the sheriff’s department, particularly the unincorporated areas.

    It is funded through the county portion of your property tax.

    It is already being born by all taxpayers in McHenry county.

  11. You pay extra for MORE protection threw your LW property tax.

    Unincorporated don’t get more protection from the county than you do. Waltzer!

    We all pay for our Twh assessors now, but you think CL and LW shouldn’t have to if they get rid of the new Twh?

    Instead spread the cost to all County tax payers so you CL and LW people get subsidized?

    Isn’t that a waltz on your argument you subsidize our sheriffs costs?

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