12 Seek Metra Spot

The $15,000 a year post to replace Metra Board member Marc Munaretto has attracted 12 applicants, including McHenry County Board member Ken Koehler, two former McHenry County College Board members–Dennis Adams and Tom Wilbeck and Woodstock Mayor Brain Sager.

The McHenry County Board’s press release follows:

McHenry County will interview 12 candidates to serve as representative to the Metra

Ken Koehler

Ken Koehler

WOODSTOCK, IL: McHenry County will interview candidates to serve as McHenry County representative to the Metra Board.

Three members of the County Board will interview 12 candidates on Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 1:00pm.

The County intends to appoint a representative to the Metra Board at their September 15, 2015 County Board Meeting.

The names of applicants scheduled to interview are noted below:

    • Robert O’Halloran
    • Fred Martin
    • Virginia Peschke
    • Dennis Adams
    • Dennis Adams

      Dennis Adams

    • James Nixon
    • David Kielpinski
    • Tom Wilbeck

    • Thomas Wilbeck
    • Brian Sager
    • Gary Overbay
    • Terence Nader
    • Charles Eldredge
    • Kenneth Koehler


12 Seek Metra Spot — 4 Comments

  1. When I saw the number of people interested in this job and recognized several of the names, I wondered why such a level of interest?

    Based on the level of interest paid to Townships this year by the Board Chairman and some members of the Board under the guise of saving taxpayers money, will we see the appointment of a Transit Task force?

    In case you are wondering, Illinois has the 4th most transit workers per capita in the country and when you look at what we pay them, they are the third highest paid.


    You get paid $15,000 per year for a few meetings?

    As I have stated, the problem in Illinois is not the large number of units of government, it is primarily the Constitutional pension guarantee of 3 % annual increase, the high wages we pay public sector employees, prevailing wage laws and high cost of Workman’s comp.

    Township employees are some of the lowest paid in the state so let’s consolidate some Townships to make sure they are paid more and get more taxpayer funded benefits!

    Only in McHenry County!

  2. So, does this meanKen Koehler will step down from the county board

  3. Ken is not running for county board .

    watch the firecrackers between Ken and Dr. Brian Sager, with metra

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