Mike Tryon on SB 1229

Tryon questioning Tim Nuding 9-2-15At Wednesday morning’s House Revenue & Finance Committee meeting, Representative Mike Tryon questioned officials from the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget about the financial consequences that could result from SB 1229’s veto override.

The bill would unilaterally allow AFSCME to bring in a binding arbitrator who would review the state’s offer and the union proposal and choose one or the other.

There would be no opportunity for mediation or compromise.

Rauner Budget Director Tim Nuding explained that just through the mandatory appropriations, consent decrees and court orders in place today, Illinois is on pace to overspend by $5-$6 billion this year.

He added that the current AFSCME proposal, which has been on the table unchanged for five months, would increase salary costs by $1.6 billion over the next four years and health care costs by another $700+ million during that time.

Funding it, according to Nuding, would require a major tax increase.

Later in the day when the override vote for SB 1229 came to the House floor, Tryon shared the morning’s revelations with his colleagues during the debate.

You can hear State Rep. Mike Tryon’s House floor speech on the Democrats’ attempt to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s veto of Senate Bill 1229, the bill that would have handcuffed the Governor in union collective bargaining with AFSCME below:


Mike Tryon on SB 1229 — 11 Comments

  1. What caught my attention on the still photo, was one of the guys was talking on the phone and the other looked like he was checking his texts!

    Wonder if they even listened to any of it….

  2. Given that all the reps knew how they were going to vote, I would imagine that attention may have wondered.

  3. All of the repubs but one were bribed by Rauner with his money so their vote was already decided and Jack Franks should have an R next to his name.

  4. How can you negotiate with a governor who says his goal is to break unions.

    Let’s get everyone to minimum wage and give everything to the top 2% and call it a day then you will be happy.

  5. No congressmen care either.

    It is all a game for the next election.

    Pam Althoff promised pensions would be reformed after the Obama election and it never was.

    They keep kicking the can down the road.

    Rauner is trying to cut collective bargaining etc because he know soon Illinois will get more businesses.

    On wttw yesterday they said AT&T is hiring 1000 jobs in Chicago and received no incentive for it.

    Some other companies were coming to Chicago also and Rockford was going to be building more Jeep models per Chryster-Fiat.

  6. The bill was so bad for IL that some democrats sided with the Governor. How does giving the unions no limits on their outlandish requests help the pension crisis karma? Don’t feel bad for the government worker, they’re all overpaid.

  7. SCOTUS will do the heavy lifting here.

    After it rules on Friedrichs vs CTA, unions will be scrambling after Abood gets taken down with it.

    Sorry Pols.

    Those fat Union campaign contributions, to screw taxpayers with, will soon dry up.

  8. Karma doesn’t pay taxes; Karma lives off of the Taxpayers

  9. Wrong Charles Neslson I do pay taxes, I do own a home but I am not a selfish person.

    Look what 40 years of chrony capitalism and reaganism has done to this country while people like you sit back and believe slogans and yes you might get a $5 decrease in your property taxes but you are just propagating more of this.


    By the way I have never taken welfare, food stamps, unemployment or any other program.

  10. Instead of trying to get people’s wages down make a progressive tax and let the wealthier pay their fair share.

    We have all these tax incentives to get businesses here like Motorola in Harvard and sears in McHenry then they close up and still have taxpayer money.

    Maybe all you repubs should take the pensions away and cut the salaries of the congress from the Federal level down to local level because they manipulated the money and passed the bill that the billionaires lobbied them for.

  11. Now where is Cindy, Charles Nelson and the Mrs. and other right wing nuts responding?

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