Is Madigan or Franks Telling the Truth?

On his blog Illinoyances, Steve Reick, the man who ran against State Rep. Jack Franks last year asks the following questino:

Who do you believe?

Steven Reick

Steven Reick

Jack Franks

Jack Franks

Reick quotes what Franks told the Northwest Herald–sort of a “pox on both sides” to justify his “Present” vote.

Then Reick notes that House Speaker Mike Madigan said he “had the 71 unanimous Democratic votes had Dunkin attended.”

“Since Jack wasn’t really put to the test of having to take a vote that mattered, I’m inclined to believe the Speaker. Who do you believe?” Reick concludes.

He has an Associated Press photo of Franks conferring with Madigan at the House podium.


Is Madigan or Franks Telling the Truth? — 3 Comments

  1. Don’t believe either one.

    It is legal for politicians to lie.

    Supreme Court said so.

  2. Notice that Jack was given a pass by Madigan.

    Madigan put the blame on the out of town Dem that wasn’t there to vote.

    Saving Jack’s hide.

  3. Jack’s initial vote was “Yes” to override the veto early in the day however when it was evident that the other city democrat wasn’t showing up Mr. Franks vote changed from “Yes” to “Present”.

    One could make the assentation that he switched his vote upon learning that the measure was not going to pass and wanted to take a different posture with McHenry County residents since he knew Madigan was going to blame the Chicago Democrats’ lack of attendance for it’s failure.

    See what loyalty to the Democratic machine gets you loyal black democrats?

    Blame, and Franks gets a pass!

    But what’s worse a guy who is 1,000 miles away from Springfield on business and can’t vote, or a $100K representative who is in Springfield on the day of the vote and can’t decide who to vote for so he votes present?

    We are getting seriously short-changed here!

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