Tsilimigras Resigns Algonquin Township GOP Post

Demetri Tsilimigas

Demetri Tsilimigas

As the Republican Precinct Committeeman for the 7th precinct in Algonquin Township, I received the following letter from Demetri Tsilimigras.

Tsilimigras explains that a candidate for judge cannot hold an official party position.

He is challenging appointed Circuit Court Judge Jim Cowlin in the March Republican Primary Election.

Cowlin has sent petitions to precinct committeemen.

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Tsilimigras Resigns Algonquin Township GOP Post — 4 Comments

  1. Demetri was an exceptional Chairman, and will be missed.

    His objectivity, integrity, and strong work ethic will be carried over into his duties as a Circuit Judge.

    His success will be ours, as a community, if we make sure we get out on March 15th to support him.

  2. Nonsense.

    Small town political clout, but zero legal experience of any value as a judge.

    Felony jury trials?

    Any criminal trials?

    Civil trials?

    Any private lawyer experience at all?

    Ever actually served a client?

    Does anyone care about actual courtroom experience?

  3. Martin – You sound so foolish and bitter.

    Demetri has extensive experience which is reflected in that he did his research first and complied with the law in order to run a clean race.

    That’s what the story was about.

    Obviously, Judge Cowlin has you raising this issue to claim his purported superior experience.

    But when you are born on third base you can’t claim your life is a home run!

    In essence Demetri’s opponent has been given a judgeship only because his daddy was a judge and his grand pappy was a judge.

    The kingdom is over.

    This is America and there is no birthright to a political position.

    Demetri’s opponent would have the people think otherwise.

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