Agencies Seeking County Senior Subsidy

Here are the agencies that have applied for McHenry County Senior Service Grant Commission grants:

Interviews will be Friday, September 25  starting at 8 AM in Conference Room B/C

  • 8:20 McHenry County Division of Transportation – MCRide
  • 8:40 Richmond Township – Senior Transportation
  • 9:00 TLS Veterans – Senior Services Program
  • 9:20 Harvard Community Senior Center – Senior Center Project
  • 9:40 Pioneer Center – SOAR Vocational Program
  • 10 Pioneer Center – Senior Care Residential Program
  • 10:40 McHenry County Housing Authority – Senior Dental Program
  • 11 Salvation Army – Golden Diners
  • 11:20 Northern Illinois Food Bank – Senior Food Box Program
  • 11:40 Prairie State Legal Services – Senior Citizens Legal Services Project
  • 12:30 Senior Care Volunteer Network – Volunteer Services for Seniors
  • 12:50 Senior Service Associates – Senior Services & Resource Center
  • 1:10 Senior Service Associates – Case Coordination Unit
  • :30 Family Alliance, Inc. – Organizational Capacity Memory Care
  • 1:50 Family Alliance, Inc. – Reach Recovery Program


Agencies Seeking County Senior Subsidy — 11 Comments

  1. This group will be distributing about $2 Million all at one marathon meeting with a Board composed of unpaid volunteers (except for the County Board members from the PHHS Committee), with no office, no staff other than the use of one of the P & D Department staff on a part time basis, at a total cost of around $50K.

    Compare this with the Mental Health Board that spends $3 Million on itself, has it’s own huge building, an Executive Director earning six figures, a large staff, computer system, Board attorney, etc. etc. etc., to distribute what’s left of a $10 Million tax levy to roughly the same number of agencies.

    Oh, the Senior Services Committee does get a free lunch (also donuts and coffee).

  2. Awwwwwwww!

    Not one nickel of this money should be going to not for profits!
    I see the Salvation Army is on the list.

    What next?


    There was time not long when charities were not government controlled.

    Don’t forget, with that control comes consequences.

  3. By both the wording and spirit of the 2003 referendum which originated this senior fund ($1.7 million tax last year), this fund could serve as emergency funding for Valley Hi if and when the nursing home ever operates at a deficit.

  4. Isn’t the Salvation Army technically a church why are funding church projects with tax dollars?

  5. More programs that should be eliminated.

    After a while, all of those millions begin to add up.

  6. I’m confused.

    Are you all stating that non governmental agencies shouldn’t apply for government grants??

    Stop attacking agencies that are doing good in the community.

    I read this blog and all the comments and I feel like all anyone wants to do is complain.

    These agencies are trying to support the elderly community. Geez people.

    What ever happened to help thy neighbor.

    You’ll all be old someday too.

  7. Government grants come from tax dollars.

    If a NFP can’t support itself and it’s goals, it should not depend on government.

  8. I do not support my tax dollars going to not for profits.

    I do not support the 708 Board tax nor do I support the Senior tax.

    Mike Walkup may want to add to his cost the phenomenal waste of taxpayer dollars used to hire specialized staff for one purpose: GRANT WRITING.

    Grant writing positions are the fasted growing segment of government!

    Maybe Mike Walkup can report on how much money the County spends on writing grants.

    I only support private charities which do not take any tax dollars.

    In addition I help out people personally without declaring it on my tax return.

    IMHO we were a better society when charitable contributions (including church tithing) were not tax deductible.

  9. Because helping those in need is so wrong.

    These are some sad comments.

    How do you suggest non profits support themselves?

    I hope you all never need a helping hand.

  10. Not for profits should depend on voluntary donations from residents.

    I personally support people who need ‘a helping hand’.

    I do not want to pay for a public sector employee to dispense my tax dollars to people he / she determines need that support.

    As we are taxed more, there is less money available for voluntary donations.

    We need to have reductions in taxes, we need to eliminate so-called ‘grants’ to not-for-profits.

    Grants do not totally ‘help those in need’ but they do feed the ‘fatted’ government calf!

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