Message of the Day – A License Plate

Saw this license plate in Crystal Lake.

"NOW," screams the license plate of this McHenry County Cubs fan.

“NOW,” screams the license plate of this McHenry County Cubs fan.

It seems appropriate to post it now.

It is a Cubs specialty plate spelling, “NOW.”

Note that the car owner has a Chicago Cubs license plate holder, too.


Message of the Day – A License Plate — 2 Comments

  1. Someone probably has a 1908 Cubs plate.

    1908 being the most recent season in which the Cubs won the World Series championship for Major League Baseball.

    At that time the Cubs played at West Side Park which was located just SE of what is now I-290 & Damen Avenue, which is where Rush Univ Medical Center & UIC Medical Center are now located.

    More specifically the block surrounded by Polk, Wolcott (then Lincoln), Taylor, & Wood.

    Tinkers, Evers, & Chance were on that team turning double plays, and Mordecai Three Fingers Brown was a pitcher (he really had only 3 fingers).

    Speaker of the US House at that time was Republican Joseph Cannon from Illinois, who before Dennis Hastert was the longest serving US Speaker of the House.

    Teddy Roosevelt was US President.

    The Ford Model T (which came before the Model A) was introduced in 1908.

    At its introduction the Model T was not built on an assembly line.

    As the assembly line was introduced, the cost to produce the Model T dropped dramatically.

  2. In 1908, the license plate probably had vertical slits so air could get to the engine to coool it.

    I saw one from that era at the Crystal Lake Dole Mansion Art Fair Sunday.

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