Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker

This bumper sticker will soon be seen on McHenry County streets and roads, according to Steve Reick, who sent it to me.

A take-off on the Black Lives Matter slogan, much as the many imitations of the “Got Milk?” slogan, this one says, “Taxpayer Lives Matter.”

He is selling them to help support his blog “Illinoyances.”

The cost is $4 for a regular bumper sticker or $10 for one that is magnetic.  Shipping is included.

"Taxpayer Lives Matter," says this bumper sticker being distributed by Steve Reick.

“Taxpayer Lives Matter,” says this bumper sticker being distributed by Steve Reick.

Reick writes,

I have to charge sales tax, because in case you haven’t heard, Illinois is going broke. But I’ll pay for shipping.

And remember, it’s never too early to start thinking of stocking stuffers for Christmas, not to mention the election that will follow soon thereafter.

Now, if everyone who likes the message would just attend a school board meeting and express their opinion of how much their school board should raise their taxes, there might be an impact.

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