Koehler Appointed to Metra Board

Ken Koehler

Ken Koehler

McHenry County Board Chairman Joe Gottemoller appointed McHenry County Board member Ken Koehler to replace Marc Munaretto on the Metra Board of Directors.

Munaretto resigned, it seems because he liked living in the Villages in Florida better than living in McHenry County.

In his acceptance speech, after being approved by the County Board with only Michele Aavang, Diane Evertsen, Donna Kurtz And Michael Walkup voting in the negative, Koehler criticized the representation McHenry County had received over the last couple of months.

He said he was going to “work very hard.”

“The hardest part of this decision is I have to leave the County Board.

Koehler, who will be paid $15,000 a year as a Metra Board member with no health insurance or pension benefits, currently earn about $21,000, plus Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund and health benefits as a County Board members.

Koehler’s resignation takes effect on Friday.

His replacement will be recommended by Gottemoller.

Koehler is up for election next year, so whoever is appointed will service about 14 months.


Koehler Appointed to Metra Board — 9 Comments

  1. Predictable appointment.

    Same old system in McHenry County to recycle friends.

    Slightly less money for Koehler, with MUCH less time commitment.

    What’s your guess on Gottemoller’s appointment to Ken Koehler’s seat on the County Board?

    Another one of the good old boys (or girls) club?

  2. Interesting.

    While on the McHenry County Transportation committee his son worked for Mathewson Right of Way who negotiates all rights of way for the MCDOT.

    As a director of Metra, will his son be hired for the overpaid position of fare collector?

  3. Will it really be for less money?

    Will he start to collect his IMRF pension when he retires from the Board?

  4. Best news of the Day.

    Buh Bye Koehler, didn’t like that the corruption and nepotism was being stopped?

  5. A very well respected gentleman and businessman to represent McHenry County well.

    Thank you, Joe!

  6. Is Ken the right dude for the job?

    I couldn’t say for sure, but to appoint a unknown isn’t the answer either.

    No one likes unknowns, would you hire or appoint a unknown?

    No likely, it goes against human nature.

    Just saying.

  7. As a member of the Metra Board, Ken will be dealing with reps from the other collar counties.

    He is well known and respected from his days as the former Chairman of the County Board.

    He has dealt with all of these people in the past and will be ready to go when he arrives on the first day.

    Great selection.!

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