Randall Road Construction Scheduled Released

Today the McHenry County Department of Transportation released the construction schedule for Randall Road.

Posted on its web site is the following:

The Randall Road project has been divided into two contracts.

Construction of Contract 1 (south of Bunker Hill Drive/Huntington Drive to north of Acorn Lane/Polaris Drive) is scheduled to begin in 2017; see below for a more detailed schedule of Contract 1.

Contract 2 (north of Acorn Lane/Polaris Drive to south of Ackman Road) is currently not in the County’s five-year construction plan, but the design is being developed to a level in order to obtain permits and identify land acquisition needs.

Periodic updates will be made to the schedule below as the project progresses.

The Randall Road construction schedule released in September, 2015.

The Randall Road construction schedule released in September, 2015.


Randall Road Construction Scheduled Released — 1 Comment

  1. This is a huge project whose central point is the intersection of Randall Road and Algonquin Road in southwest Algonquin Township, McHenry County.

    At that intersection, Algonquin Road is the border between the villages of Algonquin and Lake in the Hills.

    One aspect is to widen the “through” lanes on Randall Road at Algonquin Road, from two to four lanes?

    The county could to do a better job of summarizing the planned changes on the http://www.randallroad.info website, which does have some on the construction component, in particular the pdf map, but not enough detail on the financial aspects.

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